Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tishay - Art

It was used to be my laptop keyboard, which was 'test driven' by Mr. Tishay last night.

"Look what he has done

This is Tishay's latest fun

Mobile, toys, remote or brush

He would pull throw and crush"

- Father Praney :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Against The Storm !

He was lying on the woolen carpet in his tiny bedroom with his head in her lap while she was sitting on the carpet with her back against the wall. Bright and warm sun rays were flooding the room from large window pan and turning the chilled air of January of the snow covered mountains into a cozy atmosphere.

It was their one of the very eagerly awaited weekly meeting day and both of them were deeply indulged in the serious task of sketching their future plans. Telling her parents about ‘them’, getting their approval for marriage or getting married without their approval, his setting up a visible carrier, selecting a new town for setting and starting their new lives, all these issues were very serious and heart pumping.

All of sudden he turned his head and asked her amusingly, “hey fruit & nut, tell me, how come you are always smiling at me? That day when you were along your dad, you were continuously smiling?” Hearing this, she burst into laughter gracefully expending her rosy lips towards her pink cheeks and revealing her perfect row of white teeth, “Hmmm”, she thought for a minute and then replied while setting his hairs on his forehead, “I will give you that answer on appropriate time.” The tensed air of their hot discussion was quickly transformed back into their usual and precious warmth of love.

Days went on and their situation was not at all improving. Her parents had rejected him and were brutally pressuring her to get married to one of the boys of their own choice. Their loving and soothing relation was turning into the mouth drying act of walking on a tight rope thousands of feet high in air from solid earth. Their futures were uncertain. Weekly meetings were turning into fortnightly or sometimes monthly cause of the strict vigil of her parents and no longer were providing relax and comfort to them as used to be in earlier days but rather turning into hopeless empty arguments. Looks among them were getting confused and filled with lacking of confidence. He was having sleepless nights fearing of receiving some heart tearing news from her side any day. Any human heart could have broken under such emotional pressure and she is only a soft hearted girl, his mind kept hammering him every moment. Can she stand against the storm?

And one day, during such meeting, she pulled out an envelop from her bag, handed over to him and said, “Here is your answer”. Caught unaware, surprised and confused of her sudden act he was wondering what she was referring about? It was a greeting card. They used to exchange greeting cards a lot, piling endlessly in their respective cupboards. Those mute cards had expressed countless of their feelings among them. But for the first time he was afraid of opening that envelop. “Could it be a “Sorry” card or a “Goodbye for ever”, his hands were freezing, he tried to read her face but it was rock hard. Exhaling his sigh out, he pulled the card with a paled face. It was a very simple card, the front page had a smiling duck saying, “You would be smiling too…………..” unable to understand, he opened the card further and read inside, “……………..if you were in love like me”.

“You asked me a question sometime back and here in your answer stupid”. Hugging each other, they both had wet eyes.