Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In "God's Own Country"

After long long fifteen years, I got second opportunity to be at beautiful Kovallam beach. Though the rainy season had turned the sea rough and grayish, and my two days there were fully engaged in a meeting to keep me bounded from strolling far away at beach or roaming around in Trivendarum streets, I enjoyed this short nostalgic trip.

Around fifteen years back, when I was a young school boy, I collected a bag full of seashells at that beach. The images on my mind of gigantic blue waves of that time came alive when I stepped on beach after such a long period. Another difference, in our previous visit years back along my parents, we stayed in a small middle class hotel in the city and after spotting a beautiful resort at Kovallam beach, I innocently complained my dad for not booking that resort and now this time when I checked in this resort, I really missed him.