Friday, May 2, 2008

Moveable God !

Sometimes for a change I play pool at yahoo games. At games I hardly involve in chatting but many a times other person seems cordial and we start chatting while playing. Yesterday too, I went to yahoo games after a long period, after couple of games I joined a table for a new game with new person. For some moments game went on silently and then the other person started talking and I responded while playing. Here are the exact words we two shared.

ABCD: Hello!
ME: Hi!
ABCD: asl please
ME: 34 m India, n u?
ABCD: 23 f usa (I am not sure he/she was telling truth or no but I think it was lie)
ABCD: r u Hindu?
ME: yup, u seems to know a lot bout India or u r the one?
ABCD: no, I am half American and half Italian
ME: Nice
ABCD: I attended classes on religion and read about all the main religions of world.
ABCD: pagwan !
ME: That sounds interesting (I was genuinely interested in her/his talks) and I think you meant by ‘Bhagwan’ :) !
ABCD: so you worship statue?
ME: (Feeling her real curious about Hinduism I thought of giving my best try to satisfy her curiosity) "Hinduism is very vast and wide way of living apart from religion, there is no restriction, you can worship any foam of God, be it a statue or as infinite."
ABCD: But one who can’t move itself, how can it help you?
ME: (I was surprised at his/her attitude) Religion and especially Hinduism is too large topic to be discussed here. (And to diversify the topic I said…) lol, is for you God is meant for help only? (I wrote ‘lol’ just to avoid any heated argument)
ABCD: I think statue and shit is same thing, they can’t move.

I was astonished and then pitying on that person, I could have started arguing about his religion but taking other person as a spoiled kid I remained calm. I was thinking may be that kid has seen some ‘God’ moving in his/her life and that able to move ‘God’ may have taught him to insult other religion.

ABCD: Shoooooooot! Shoooooot! Don’t stop playing!

I was tempted of asking him which God he have seen moving or to ask him of his religion or to tell him about the greatness of Hinduism but on the other hand I knew that he/she is a gone case and was a person of sick mind so decided to remain silent. I didn’t even want to leave in between as a quitter, so I kept playing without any more word for that person.

ABCD: So your ‘pagwan’ is shit.
ABCD: Take my shit and put it ‘in’ your god and worship it, you shit worshippers.

Keeping my patience, I pocketed the black ball to win the game and that person took no time to leave the table.

I lost my interest in any more games and left the room. But I was thinking sadly what provoked that guy? The way that person vomited rubbish, how much idea could he had of any religion and he said he attended religious classes?

I never argue religion with anyone on or off net cause I don’t have to prove anything to anybody and more importantly, ‘Hinduism’ have taught me to respect all the religions. I am not attached to any particular way of worship as I strongly feel God within my heart and soul. But very politely I want to tell such kind of creatures that it is only ‘Hinduism’ in the whole world which gracefully gave shelter and passage to all the religions in India (without worrying how they behaved in return) and it is the only Hinduism which was never involved in any kind of Crusade or holy wars or to capture or convert others like all the major religions of rest of the world and cultures. Any person of healthy mind cannot deny that apart being the oldest religion, Hinduism is very polite, tolerant, forbearing, enduring, and full of freedom.

No doubt my endurance with that sick person was cause of Hinduism only. My request for such creatures: "Please wear this batch always!"