Tuesday, June 19, 2007


As I was looking for some book at the library, the title ‘Detective’ caught my sight. Just to scan the story a bit I started reading the first chapter and it was only “Excuse me” voice from my back for the way which made me realize that I almost had read 12 pages of the book already. Needless to mention I got it issued.

‘Detective’ by Arthur Hailey is a thrilling story of mysteries of gruesome slayings of aged couples by a serial killer and leaving some weird and out of context symbols behind for an ex priest Miami police detective Sergeant Malcolm Ainslie to solve.

The story sets it pace at the very first sentence of very first page and keeps your thoughts provoking till the end. Though at a stage the story seems simple and the name of ultimate criminal struck in your mind just after the middle of 595 pages novel, it was difficult to put the book down. Author has done a great deal of scrupulous research into the modus operandi of the detectives of police force. Every little event has narrated so specifically that it seems like you standing in the middle of actual happening. Hailey kept tickling the nerves of his readers like bringing up a name at 565th page which was mentioned only once in complete novel at page 26 or describing the history of a building just at the doorstep of climax.

An exciting and entertaining novel. It was my first by Arthur Hailey and I surly would be going for second or may be third too.


Bungi said...

Never read Hailey... Probably sometime in the future. I do love who-dun-it sort of movies!

Praney said...

Thanks for visiting Bungi and welcome aboard.

Hope to keep hearing from you.

Manish said...

Ok, I will put the contrast. I put down the novel afetr 100 pasges. The details which thrilled you, actually became very repetative for me.

It was also my first Healy, but was disappointed. Though Airport, and Hotel are good ones in my opinion.