Friday, June 20, 2008


While reading murder mysteries, every reader knows that at the end of the day the killer would be the only person who’s least suspected, even then some novels keep you thrilled till the secret is officially revealed in last pages.

‘Heartstopper’ by Joy Fielding is such a thriller. A serial killer is on the loose in a small town of Torrence Florida with population of less than 5000 and where everyone knows everybody. Killer’s only target was young, talented and real ‘heart stopper’ beautiful girls. And people of town used to find dead bodies with half of head blown off by gunshot as if killer wanted those bodies to be located easily (of course, along some hidden messages).

With a list of over a dozen suspects, involving family problems, complex relations, expectations and betrayals, town sheriff John Weber (who says a sheriff can’t be a serial killer) finds himself in the middle of nowhere while investigating gruesome killings. An entirely new concept I found in this novel is pages from journal by killer in between other chapters which made the novel interesting and keep a reader glued. Suspense reaches its height when town’s high school English teacher Sandy Crosbie’s budding daughter is gone missing and is about to be slaughtered.

What happened next? Keep Guessing!