Sunday, December 31, 2006

Celebrations of Civilized Society!

Another evening of celebration, It’s 31st December, how to celebrate? Let’s go to Shimla. Five friends, one car, six bottles of whisky, dozen packets of potato chips & peanuts and ear bursting music, that’s all you need. Start around noon from Chandigarh. The rule is that you must take at least two large shots before you leave the city limits.

Now drive as carelessly as you can. Don’t give a damn to other vehicles on the road, people should feel panic when they see your car leaping towards them. Put the music so loudly that one should hear it from a kilometer away, it does not matter if you could not get a single word of the song yourself. Soon you will find traffic blockage because hundreds of other cars are also on the way to hills for the celebrations but don’t stop your vehicle at the end of queue waiting for traffic to clear. Just keep honking the horn and drive as far as you can. This will make the traffic worse but that’s not our headache. Traffic constable will shout at you but he won’t have other choice than to give you way as there are thousands of vehicle stranded on the road.

A bottle is empty but don’t waste your time looking for bin, just toss the bottle on the road. The crashing sound of glass on the hard road gives more thrills sometimes. Someone may get injured of the broken glass but we don’t have time to think about this. Keep looking for girls, ladies (regardless of age) on the road or the vehicles passing by, if you don’t pass dirty comments on them, the evening is a waste.

Soon the alcohol will start taking control and we will start loosing control on ourselves. If we will be lucky we will reach Shimla alive and without any accident. No need to mention small brawl with local shopkeeper midway.

It would be dark by the time we reach The Mall Road, time for real fun. Start drinking more and more and dance on the music. Yeah this is real life. There are honeymooners too. Try to get physical with ladies. You are the king tonight nobody can stop you. Some stupid people are middle class, they call the police if someone is flirting with their ladies. Poor fellow now have to pay all the cash of his pocket to police and spent the night in lock up. The other one is beaten by the local guys. But that’s the real adventure we are here for, man!

Oh now its time for a nice vomit. Don’t worry do it anywhere on the road, your clothes may stink with the fluid you are vomiting but in this condition you will never realize. Look at that guy there he don’t even know that he is laying in his own pee.

Yahooooo !! Someone is telling that its New year now. Another hour of dancing, drinking, vomiting, peeing in the middle of the road and then punches from other tourists. (May be you were abusive you don’t remember.)

Okay friends, its 2'o clock in the morning and after hours of dancing and vomiting you may feel hungry and tired. But what is this, nothing is available to eat anywhere. Even the cheap dhaba owner is selling simple bread for hundred bucks. Drinking water is not available. The cold is killing, need a shelter but all the hotels are booked. Not even a single room is available. Some tourists are knocking the doors of locals but no one letting them in. They look at us like we are rotten cockroaches. People are lying here and there. Many are sleeping is their cars. Headache, cold, hunger, and bruises are reminding of hell. You will have to pass the remaining night in the car but someone has broken all the glasses and stole the stereo. Kill the night somehow. One of the friends is badly sick but we don’t even have proper clothes to beat the icy wind. Burn the spare tire for heat if you wanna stay alive.

Thank god, it is morning at last. Morning of 1st January, first day of New Year. But damn where were we sleeping in the night? We are stinking, clothes are torn, car is crushed from all the sides and we have lost all the money and valuables. A stray dog was lying in between us. One of our friend is missing, may be he was taken away by the police we don’t remember.

But don’t worry, we had fun. We celebrated the New Year at Shimla. “Happy New Year, Folks. Wish you a great start of the year.”

Nice to say Hi !

Hi’, rang the sweet melodious chimes. I was polishing my Royal Enfield sitting by its side on the road outside my house as usual. It was sunny bright winter noon and polishing my 350cc black bike was my favorite job everyday I return from college. I was so deeply involved in the polishing that I didn’t notice her standing beside me until she said hi to me. I was surprised and never had imagined that she would walk all across from her house on the other side of road to greet me without caring of so many people (including her dad and relatives) staring at her and then at us. ‘She is damn daring’ I thought and here mine heart was pounding so loudly that I could hear it.

I knew her very well, she was sister of my not so (girl) friend. But we never had shared any words till then. She handed me a greeting card, I hold it while watching the people on the road from the corner of my eye. I thanked her wondering what else to say. She kept standing for a moment and then walked away giving a cute smile. I don’t know what the color of my face was that moment but I realized only after few seconds that I was standing on the road with a card in one hand and rubbing cloth in the other just like fools. (Don’t surprise, I am talking of year 90, when such scenes were not at all common in India.)

Later in my room I read the card, “Sometimes it’s nice to say ‘Hi’, to someone very special”.

I was so pumped up for the entire remaining day and many other days to come. This was my first greeting card in my life from any girl and she was such a beauty. Moreover, the venue made the day very special too. How would you feel if someone like her tells you that you are very special for her? Butterflies in stomach, head over heels, walking the sky, whatever you call it, I spent another seven good years of my life in this intoxication.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Why do they have to do that !

Can anyone imagine Sun without sunshine, Desert without sand, Big river boosting of its greatness but without being grateful to water? The proud of biggest, tallest and greatest structures without caring of the mother earth who is holding all of them firmly? Can anyone think of Sachin Tendulkar if cricket was not there? Is there any importance of President Bush without USA? Can a financial budget be significant without money? ‘No’ is the straight answer.

But ‘Yes”, in Hindi film Industry, yes it is possible. The directors, producers, actors and actresses of Hindi movies can be great personalities without respecting Hindi.

I don’t recall a moment since years back, when I have seen any Hindi film actor or actress or any person connected with this profession ever telling about his or her film in Hindi. It is so shocking and stunning that these people, who earn their bread, fame, endless money, awards (and political seats also), do not prefer to speak a word of Hindi in public appearance or TV interviews.

Have you seen the various star nites, where all the big and small, old and new, seniors and juniors, males and females from all the departments of film industry gather and show off their artificial attitude, fake style and blind copying of the west? If you leave the Hindi songs apart, how many words can you count of Hindi language used in such stupid show offs?

Just look at all the interviews, stage performances, award nights, public function or even at film shooting sets I think, they try to show lack ness of Hindi words. The style of moving hands and fingers, bouncing shoulders up and down, even greeting other celebrities by touching cheek with cheek you can see a long lasting act of shameful copying of western world.

Why do they have to do that? Are they not satisfied with the love and respect given to them by strong population of more than one billion Indians? If yes, why don’t they make English films or work in English movies only? Do they think any English movie could get them any closer to what they get for Hindi movies??

I am not saying that they should not talk in English but all I expect is, a Hindi program on Hindi movie by a Hindi star for Hindi speaking viewers (Non Hindi speaking person won’t watch a Hindi movie, I think) in respected Hindi.

Another very funny fact is about all entertaining programs on TV based on Hindi movies, most of the hosts make fun of Hindi movies as if there is nothing as bad as Indian film industry, but we all can imagine that these hosts would do any thing on this earth to get a tiny little role in any such movies.

In my view this is sheer shameful, disloyal, back stabbing, thali main ched example by most of our so called stars. This reminds me of a funny poem I read in a paper years back on ‘Hindi Day’. I still remember the whole of it and sadly this poem is as significant as it was then, years back. This is about a political leader speaking in a public function on Hindi Day.

Ladies and Gentlemen
India Hamari Country hai,
Aur hum hain is ke citizen,
Aur Hindi hamari national language hai !

Is leyee Hindi bolna hamari duty hai,
Par bechari Hindi ki to,
Kismat he futti hai,

Hamari young generation,
Whenever mouth kholti hai,
Only and only, English he bolti hai,

Tab hamara sar shame se jhuk jata hai
Aur heart deep vedna se bhar jata hai,
Yeh sab very very wrong hai,
In reality, desh droh hai, dhong hai !

Hum sab ko, Hindi ko apnana hai,
Tatha isee world wide fialana hai,

Tabhi mere aur Bharat Mata ke dreams honge such,
Thank you very much !!

(There was no mention of the poet’s name)

Friday, December 22, 2006

The Difference in Love, Lust and Marriage !

LOVE - When your eyes meet across a crowded room.
LUST - When your tongues meet across a crowded room.
MARRIAGE - When you try to lose your spouse in a crowded room

LOVE - When in- course is called "making love".
LUST - When in- course is called "scre_ing."
MARRIAGE - When in- course is a town in Pennsylvania

LOVE - When you share everything you own.
LUST - When you steal everything they own.
MARRIAGE - When the bank owns everything.

LOVE - When it doesn't matter if you don't cli-max.
LUST - When the relationship is over if you don't cli-max.
MARRIAGE - When...uh...what's a cli-max?

LOVE - When you write poems about your partner.
LUST - When all you write is your phone number.
MARRIAGE - When all you write is checks.

LOVE - When you're only interested in doing things WITH your partner.
LUST - When you're only interested in doing things TO your partner.
MARRIAGE - When you're only interested in your golf score.

LOVE: When you take a bubble bath together
LUST: When you take a bath in Jell-O together
MARRIAGE: When you give the kids a bath

LOVE: Giving your love some candy
LUST: Thinking you are the candy
MARRIAGE: Scraping candy off of the carpet

Now tell me what’s 'Love Marriage’?

Raavi ! Yaavet Jeevet Sukham Jeevet !

Winters never gonna be same again for me and my family, especially 28th November. I should have posted this as my first feelings but better late than never.

His name is Raavi,. Yeah Raavi is one of the five rivers of 'Punjab'.

He is very cute, small and creates waves in our hearts when stares at us. He joined us on the morning of 28th. He is Sagittarius. Though all the friends and relatives were wishing for a baby girl in our family but I am happy whatever God has kept for me.

He is very important and precious to all of us. We pray for his good health and success through out his life. May he be a good son of our family and of Bharat Mata as well.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


An unfamiliar number was flashing on my cell as I reached home from office in the evening.

Hello I answered the call but I didn’t receive any response from other side though I could hear a confident male voice talking to someone else on the phone other side. It appeared that this guy dialed my cell number and started talking to another person in his office. The caller didn’t seem to be in hurry to get back to me as he was sounding like he was sure that I would wait for him to start talking.

After few moments he spoke, “Mr. Praney?”

“Yeah!” I replied wondering who could he be.

“I am Rohan from M/s So & So’s office. I am in impression that you met my MD regarding your product. And also left a sample in my office?” He said.

“Oh Hi boss, how are you, what can I do for you?” I felt a positive wave of prospective business deal inside as he introduced himself to me. I recalled my visit to his office couple of months back.

“Ya fine Praney, I need some of your products, though we used to procure the same from New Delhi, but those guys are out of stock and I saw your business card in my office, so I thought of calling you, other wise I would have not. So tell me what can you offer me?” He said with a tone of authority and I am sure he must be having a raised eyebrow while throwing these words at me.

I felt little pushed. Is that guy really mean what he is saying? “Otherwise I would have not called?” To the hell with such guy, I thought for a second but immediately I controlled myself as I always try to be a cool headed businessman.

“Thanks for calling John, its Rs.3200 plus taxes per unit.” I said in a welcome tone with a smile on my face even though he could not see it.

“Plus taxes? But that day you said Rs.3200 including taxes.” He bluffed I knew. He was not even present there at the time of my meeting with his MD.

I replied very politely “No boss, it is surely Rs.3200 Plus 12.50% tax.” But he repeated himself more adamantly.

I said, “Very humbly I want to tell you boss, that I quote and mail above prices around ten times in a day and you I am sure, don’t deal in such products even twice a month. So you may get confused about the price but I certainly can not, so it is Rs 3200 Plus taxes.” My entire positive wave was vanished in the air by the time I was saying these words.

“Hmmm!” He was pointless at my statement but he had another ways to show his superiority complex over me. “Ok fine, but I want you to make it Rs3200 included taxes.” He demanded.

“Come one boss, taxes are 12.50%, how come I can bear 12% myself, do you think we have so much profit margins in these days of competition? Or are you asking me for the material without bill?” I was wondering.

“No, I need bill, what would be your input in such case, anybody can do that.” He didn’t even try to lessen the sharpness of his words.

“Then how it’s possible for me to reduce the price?” I said giving up.

“I don’t know anything, this you have to decide yourself how you do that, I need around 50 units immediately. We are very satisfied with our Delhi vendor but still I am asking you”

I didn’t know why he was telling me again and again about his unwillingness to call me, may be the institute from he got his MBA degree has taught him such way to negotiate.

“See boss, I don’t wanna loose this business and I would really appreciate any association with your company, that’s why I already quoted best offer to your MD. Trust me, we are already selling at same price even to the parties with the requirement of 200 Pcs in a shot. And we are offering you one year replacement guarantee. Our product is assembled with parts from world’s number one companies. Please don’t compare it with other brands. I can explain the differences if you can spare a minute” I made my last try as I was really very honest with that guy and trying enough to make him understand my view.

“No no, I don’t wanna go through technical things, just tell me can you offer me at Rs.3200 including taxes or no?”

‘Sorry boss, it’s impossible.” I had no other polite reply in my mind that time.

“Fine!” and he disconnected.

Why did that guy call me, what did he gain with such attitude. Or my attitude was wrong? Should I have reduced the price? But he wanted me to reduce 12% flatly and it was really not possible at all. I could have reduced 2 or 3% but that too would be a cheating with my other parties. And the way he sounded I am not sure he would have accepted that discount. Cause he was so happy with his Delhi guy.

I could not enjoy my dinner that night, don’t know why. Either it was due to the loss of a prospective client or 10 % profit which I could have earned by this deal or cause of my failure as a businessman to struck some deal.

Should I have satisfied myself saying, “Let him go, you can’t win them all?”

Or it was his failure to get something at his own terms??

Who gonna decide that??

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

When I am Sixty Four !

The Beatles, whenever you listen to them they enlighten your mood. Slow, easy, passionate, warm, sober are many words you can describe for their songs, Here is one sung by them, "When I am 64", every one has to go through this stage. Kishore Da also had mentioned such views in a song of the movie Namak Haram.

Daulat aur jawani
Ek din kho jaten hai,
kuch na poocho
sari duniya, dushman ho jaten hai
Umar bhar dost lekin, sath chalte hain.
Diye jalte hain...........

Is rang rup pe dekho
hargiz naz na karna,
jaan bhi mange yaar
to de dena, inkaar na karna
rang urd jaten hai
rup dalten hain.
Diye jalte hain...........

Here is the song by The Beatles, Enjoy !

When I'm Sixty-Four
When I get older losing my hair,
Many years from now,

Will you still be sending me a Valentine,
Birthday greetings bottle of wine,

If I'd been out to quarter to three,
Would you lock the door,

Will you still need me,will you still feed me,
When I'm sixty-four,

You'll be older too,
And if you say the word,
I could stay with you,

I could be handy, mending a fuse,
When your lights have gone,

You can knit a sweater by the fireside,
Sunday morning go for a ride,

Doing the garden, digging the weeds,
Who could ask for more,

Will you still need me, will you still feed me,
When I'm sixty-four,

Every summer we can rent a cottage,
In the Isle of Wight, if it's not to dear,
We shall scrimp and save,

Grandchildren on your knee,
Vera, Chuck and Dave,

Send me a postcard, drop me a line,
Stating point of view,

Indicate precisely what you mean to say,
Yours sincerely, wasting away,

Give me your answers, fill in a form,
Mine for evermore,

Will you still need me, will you still feed me,
When I'm sixty-four.
Another song from Kishore Da hit my mind about same feelings: Its almost same wording.
Jab honge saath saal ke, aur tum hogi pachapan ki
bolo preet nibhaogi na, tab bhi apne bachapan ki

Tum jab honge saath saal ke, aur main hongi pachapan ki
preet ki jyot jalaaungi main, tab bhi apne bachapan ki
Baahon ka sahara ho jab, lakdi kyon ham tekenge
aankh bhale dhundhali ho jaaye, dil ki nazar se dekhenge
aankhon mein tum yunhi dekhana, kya hai zaroorat darpan ki
bolo preet nibhaaogi na, tab bhi apne bachapan ki
Roop ki ye mastani dhun, ek din to dhal jaayegi
aur qismat bhi chehare pe, samay ka rang mal jaayegi
tum tab kahi badal na jana, qasam tumhe is dhadkan ki
bolo preet nibhaaoge na, tab bhi apne bachpan ki
Thandi mein tum sweater bunnaa, ham lakdi chun laayenge
bachcho ke sang bachche ban kar, ham dono tutalaayenge
miljul kar ham saath rahenge, baat na hogi anaban ki
bolo preet nibhaaogi na, tab bhi apne bachapan ki

Niyudh or Martial Art

A gift to modern world, Martial Art, art of self defense without weapons or bare hands was truly from Ancient India. Call it Niyudh or martial art, it was necessary part of the training of Kshatriya soldiers. This art includes from hand to hand combat to defense yourself empty handed against any kind of weapon or with weapons like lathi, sword, spear or uruumi.

Kalaripayattu, 3000 years old and world’s oldest martial art technique is still a popular and respected art in Kerala in south India. A Brahman named Bodhidharma from Kacheepuram, Tamilnadu in 522 AD founded Zen Buddhism in China and taught Kalaripayattu to Chinese and Japanese Buddhist monks. The famous Chinese martial art is believed to be originated from Kalaripayattu itself. The renowned Shaolin Temple in Henan, China has wall painting showing an Indian monk teaching martial art to Chinese monks. The clear description has also written in Chinese under it.

Kalaripayattu has various branches mainly Meithari, Kolthari, Ankathari, Verumkai, Vadivu and Chuvatu. Different kinds of weapons are used by Kalari practitioner.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Karwan Gujar Gaya !

Around 8 years back, one of my friend (pretty elder than me) while narrating his good old college time tales told me about this poem, his voice went trembling and I could see the moisture in his eyes. They were four or five class mates who used to sing many poems and songs including the one above by Gopal Das Neeraj in their college canteen.

He sung the complete poem for me and i was listening sitting still. I don't know what moved me, his emotions, this poem's wordings or both. The same time I requested him to slow down so I could write down such a classic rhyme of sentiments. Since then this is one of my favorite.

Guru ji Golwalkar

“There are some people whom we start hating without even knowing them. Guru Golwalkar was on the first in my list of such people. Misdeeds of RSS in communal riots, assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, efforts to convert secular India to a Hindu state etc were so many issues I had heard a lot about. Even then being a reporter I could not resist the wish to see him.

“I was imagining that while seeing him I would have to cross various security circles of uniformed volunteers, but there was nothing as such. Not even so, I was under impression that there would be some intelligence guys to note down my car’s registration number, but nothing. The place where he had stayed was a room of middle class family. Outside was a row of shoes and slippers. The atmosphere was surrounded with the scent of incense sticks, as if pooja was being performed there. Ladies were moving around in inner rooms. The sound of utensils, cups & saucers was coming. I get in the room. Wearing pure white dhoti kurtas in Maharashtrian style were sitting 10 – 12 men. About the age of 65, single body, long black curly hairs dancing on his shoulders, mustache covering his mouth, long brown beard, never fading smile and black shining eyes watching through the spectacles, I thought he was Indian Ho Chi Minh. Recently he had surgery on his chest for cancer, even then he seems entirely healthy and happy.

“Being a Guru he must have expecting me to touch his feet, thinking, I bent down but he didn’t gave me any chance. He caught hold my hands and pulled me to be seated near to himself and said, “I am really very happy to see you. I wanted to see you since long.” His Hindi was so pure.

“Me too! Specially, since I read your ‘Bunch of Letters’,” I said with little hesitation.

‘Bunch of Thoughts’, he said correcting my mistake but he didn’t show any will to ask for my views on that book. He holds one of my hands and said – say.”

“I can’t understand where to start? I said- I have heard you avoid media fame and your Organisation keeps itself very secret.”

“It’s true that we don’t want fame, but there is nothing like secrecy. You may ask me anything.” He replied.

So there was open conversation on various issues.
“I took around half an hour of Guruji but I didn’t find any signs of restlessness in him. I asked for leave and he again stopped me for touching his feet by holding my hands in the air.”

“Was I impressed? Yes, I was, I won’t deny. He did not made a slightest effort to convince me of his point of view, instead, he created a feeling in me that they are open hearted to listen or understand any ideology. I accepted the invitation of visiting Nagpur and take stock of actual situation myself. Maybe I could make him agree for accepting of Hindu-Muslim unity as RSS’s missions or may be this could only be a wishful thinking of an innocent Sardar.”

Above mentioned words are of – India’s famous weekly magazine ‘Illustrated Weekly’ ‘s that time editor Sardar Khuswant Singh, who interviewed RSS Chief Shri MS Golwalkar or Guruji (as millions of people used to call him) on 17th November 1972 at Mumbai.

I am around 32 days late to put that account of experience of a famous reporter here on my page but its not at all that much belated as the nation is celebrating Guruji’s birth century this year. I would try to put more about that great visionary as my tribute to him, who lived every tiny second of his last 33 years of his life for our nation “Bharatvarsh”.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Demi Moore's Half Light

Even after 16 years Demi have same cutie innocent looks in her eyes as she had in the movie Ghost in 1990. 'Half Light' kept me fixed my eyes on the screen and fingers off the remote control.
The alone cottage at the seashore facing the lighthouse created waves in my heart. Damn, where do people find such heavenly places to build a house?? And so was her house in the city (if we leave that tragic part aside).
Wish I could be there sometime for sometime. I wont mind if I have to share the room with Demi too ( Just a wishful thinking, lol).
Anyway, it was a great movie and reminds us of people who use people and love things instead of loving people and using things.

First Feelings

While walking from The Mall Road to Chotta Shimla in Shimla (HP, India) you would find a big curve with a beautiful site of valley downhills, there is a bench placed under a Devdar tree to sit down and inhale the beauty of nature. A stone is also fixed there engraved with a few lines from a poem of great poet Sumitranandan Pant. Would love to share the same here.

छोड़ द्रुमों की मृदु छाया, तोड़ प्रकृति से भी माया,
बाले! तेरे बाल-जाल में कैसे उलझा दूँ लोचन?
भूल अभी से इस जग को!
तज कर तरल तरंगों को, इन्द्रधनुष के रंगों को,
तेरे भ्रू भ्रंगों से कैसे बिधवा दूँ निज मृग सा मन?
भूल अभी से इस जग को!
कोयल का वह कोमल बोल, मधुकर की वीणा अनमोल,
कह तब तेरे ही प्रिय स्वर से कैसे भर लूँ, सजनि, श्रवण?
भूल अभी से इस जग को!
ऊषा-सस्मित किसलय-दल, सुधा-रश्मि से उतरा जल,
ना, अधरामृत ही के मद में कैसे बहला दूँ जीवन?
भूल अभी से इस जग को!

-सुमित्रानंदन पंत-