Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tales Told By Mystics

After a long period, a good book was found and read. In a local book fair, among a few of books I purchased was one "Tales Told By Mystics" by 'Padma Shri' Manoj Das. As the title of book speaks itself, book contains around hundred of sweet short stories collected from folklore of India by author. Most of the stories are not from our Vedas or Upanishads but are those which have travelled and accumulated verbally since centuries. Sages, Ascetic and Sadhus have narrated these stories through ages to educate and enrich moral values to Indian society.

Stories in the book are short, beautiful, simple and above all, appealing. To clear the fog of confusion in our minds of Dharma or Adharma in routine life, one can find these stories very very useful and inspiring. Supreme Truth, Dharma, Humanity, Kindness are the main ingredients of these stories. Complexes & complicated principles of our various scriptures can very easily be understood and grasped by a common reader of any age through these small interesting tales.

A must read and collectors book especially youngsters!


Juneli said...

Will read one day.

You know what I'm reading currently...

The Land of Five Rivers - A story collection. After this might I pick up the book - either The Secret by Ronda Byrne to find out the secrets or White Tiger by Arvind Adiga (if I didn't change my mind at the time of picking up)

P.N. Subramanian said...

I need to get the book. May be in the forthcoming Pustak Mela, I could get it. Such stories interest me although of late I have stopped reading books. Thank you for the beautiful review.