Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Vanish !

A new business venture thus related tours, broken down old dear pal (my laptop), not at all friendly with my fingers keyboard of office desktop (but even this post is written at same keyboard) and above all an unknown (or lets say I don't wanna spell here) cause kept me away from blogging.

If not laptop then it got to be books (as she always complains and why to prove her wrong). So it was Tess Gerritsen's thriller 'Vanish' among other books which helped me out.

Plot is great. Boston medical examiner Dr. Maura Isles finds a dead body of a young lady brought for autopsy rising wake and running around her morgue. That unidentified woman somehow gets in hospital and kills a security guard with his own gun and not only that she took some patients as hostage including a homicide detective Jane Rizzoli admitted their for her nine months labour. Later they find that the guard killed by 'dead lady' was not in employee list of the hospital and Dr. Isles reveals in her finding from autopsy of security guard that his gun was carrying a very unusual kind bullet and he was the member of US Army's secret elite assassination team.

FBI, White House, Top bureaucrats, Boston PD's, press reporters, a worried FBI agent and hubby of Jane, sex slaves, illegal migrants to US and counter terrorists teams of post 9/11 US have created a interesting web in the story. Being herself a doctor, writer Tess has given interesting details of medico-crime-investigation.

Funny part is even in US they can declare a living person 'dead' and send the body to morgue as it was based on real news feed. A nice novel to read.


Alka said...

This books seems interesting. If I get hold of it, I will definitely read. Hope I get it at fabmall.

Manish said...

I loved the medico-mysteries by Robin Cook. This one seems to be in same league. Will try to catch it.