Monday, March 26, 2007

Accidents like love & marriage !

It’s all about accidents, accidents in our day to day life. Accidents like falling in love or getting married or trying to fix incompatible relationships. And despite people involved in these accidents keep blaming themselves for such occurring, do not understand that no one can avoid accidents.

Jaishree Misra has narrated about such accidents in her funny tale “Accidents like love & marriage”. The Story is of three families in New Delhi, Sachdevs , Singhs and Menons.

Neena, daughter of wealthy Singh family is married to Rohit, elder son of wealthy Sachdevs family. Gayatri, only child of middle class Menon couple, is an intelligent and lovely Keralite who has just returned India after completing her Ph.d from Oxford University and is college time friend of Neena.

Now Neena, innocently and for her own interest sake (before her mom in law gets some other girl as an enemy as her sister in law) wants and plans to get Gayatri married to her brother in law Tarun and thus play fine role of cupid for the duo. But Gayatri has shadows of the love when she ‘accidentally’ fell in for an English guy Michael in London only to broke her heart and realize that he was married, and reluctant to fall in love again but again ‘accidentally’ driven into.

Now the tug of war is on. Swarn Sachdev, mom in law of Neena don’t want a middle class ‘Madrasi’ girl for her sweet lil son, Jagdish, the Senior Sachdev of Sachdev family always breaths business and only concerned about the growth of his textile mills, Neena desperately wants Gayatri to occupy the next bedroom in her home as her sis in law, Tarun, a charming handsome is now badly fallen in love with miss south and would do anything to make her his better half and against the wish of his mother, declares to marry only Gayatri and no one else., Gayatri, still trying to get herself out of the gloom of Michael effect, Keshav father of Gayatri is overjoyed with the idea of marriage of his piece of heart daughter, Rajji, wife of Keshava is too busy in her research books to be very serious of this issue of her daughter. A social meeting among both the parents turns havoc accidentally and simply worsening the situation.

Now as if that was not enough another twist comes in the story. When all the members of Sachdev and Menon families were wrestling with the IF’s and BUT’s of this proposed relation of unlike minds, Rohit the elder son of Sachdev family, husband of Neena and father of two children accidentally fell in love with a ‘firangi’ woman while visiting London for a business meeting and make Neena realise that even her marriage was an accident.

The story is supposed to be a hilarious account but I find it funny only at some stages. The funniest part is at second last page when almost everyone is leaving the home. The most loving character to me in the story is innocent ‘Appa’ of Gayatri who took out his 1963 bought trousers to get ready for the meeting with Tarun’s parents. Jaishree Misra is very good at words and phrases, still it could not make me restless to complete the book at the earliest.

And finally I would like to thank Jaishree for putting a hidden statutory warning at the first page of the novel as she thanked Mr. Khushwant Singh for encouraging her to publish that story. Obviously now you should not wonder at some words and narrations which are very essentials for an 'elite' writer of this 'elite' club for staying very ‘close to reality’.


Anonymous said...

Laughed few times while reading ur post...... Got ur point when u mentioned Khushwant Singh.... elite club

Manish said...

Well, a few people are as incorrigible frustoos, as Khushwant Singh is .

As far as book appears, it is trying to be funny, but then there are to many complications, and then it has the Varam-Hast Khushwant Singh too. I will avoid it :-)

Juneli said...

hummmm sounds interesting... will read someday.

Well, love and marriage can be accidental for some but not all.

You have mentioned - Sachdevas, Menon and Singh.

Sachdevas and Menon are in the story but where is the Singh in the story... Is this referring Khushwant Singh!!!!???

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Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Praney ! said...

Thanks Anonymous, wish you had revealed your id.

Harveer said...
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