Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Blog

Around mid December last year, while I was searching the net for the poems of Sumitranandan Pant when I found myself on the pages of Manish’s blog. It was the first time when I read a blog. I think I spent a long time on his blog and some others chained with his pages. I found many thoughts of his similar to mine and I sent a mail to Manish congratulating him for his pages and he in return motivated me to start my own blog.

I never thought that I could write in not-so-bad way and could keep my pages updated regularly but today on 18th December, I found myself on footsteps of completion of a year of blogging when I wrote my first post on the same day of last year.

It was and it is really a very surprising experience of blogging for me. Most amazingly, I had never thought of ever writing poems but here I found myself writing poems and writing so easily and regularly (Though I won’t say I am very good at writing). Finding new friends is another soothing factor of blogging.

Now when it is a year already, I do sadly feel that why didn’t I start my blog three or four years back (like when I visit & read another blogs pretty older than mine) when I was literally wasting time chatting or playing games whenever on the net. How come I never found myself at someone’s blog like of Manish’s? But it is as simple as we say, “Jab jab jo hona hai, tab tab woh hota hai”. Anyway I am enjoying maintaining my blog and I think I will keep enjoying for the times to come.


Prem Piyush said...

Happy Birthday Day to Praney's Nivedan.

Yeah, these blogs are like our own kids, who understand our feelings and make friendship with other such kids around.

I really like your poems, and I wish to say, you are good at writing.. Please keep this good work up.

My heartiest wishes for this blog..Long live the heart's nivedan....

Praney said...

Thanks Piyush, and yes you are very right with kids like feelings for blog. You literally fell in fascination.

Thanks again for inspiring me and for charging me up.

Manish said...

Happy belated b'day to your fantastic blog! Gosh, time has really flown fast!

Your blog is going strong, and keep it that way ! In fact, like you said I found strong reflection of my thoughts in your blogs!

And when we differ, your thoughts are even more thought provoking !

The only difference is in poems! I can't ever write them! You are so romantic at heart!

Keep going!

Praney said...

Hey look who's back and what a timing man, just like a devil :)

Thanks Manish, credit is all yours and pleasure is all mine. Praney's Nivedan could have not been here without your inspirations. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

........Praney's Nivedan could have not been here without his inspirations......

And what about ME? :P

Congrates and wishes.... hope this blog will go on and on.............. :)