Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Natural Connection !

( A view of Sunni Town)

No doubt there is some connection, whenever I reach in hills, some unknown ecstatic excitement fills deep inside my heart. Nature always attracts me with full force. Exactly after a long spell of fourteen months I got a chance to recharge my spirits in mountains. Though it really was a very small visit, it indeed was a pleasant gift for me.

Occasion was of a friend’s marriage in an interior village near small town of Sunni in Shimla district. Nearly 45 KM from Shimla, Sunni is located on the banks of great river Satluj. We had to climb hilltop village Devarsu for marriage which was around 30 minutes walk from the road. Surrounded by large lush green fields and natural sources of water, this place gave tremendous look from height.

( Green Fields)

(Goshala )

Devarsu is a very small village of merely 25 houses with a centrally built one room Durga temple. Local ‘Band’ was playing classical raag on traditional musical instruments like pair of Nagara, Rannsingha, Karnal & Turhi when we entered marriage place. We were given warm welcome by the groom and his family, after all I was seeing that friend after almost twelve years. We ate traditional ‘Himcahali Dham’ in which all the guest sat down on earth and are served lunch with menu of rice and different dishes of Urad, Rajmah, Poldu, Kurri on ‘Pattal’ (the dishes made of ‘Taunt’ leaves) and in last as dessert Mishthan (sweet rice containing raisins and dry fruits) is served.

(The Band)

(An Old House in Devarsu)

We were compelled to stay there for a night by our host but some urgent business back home forced us to start back just after spending two hours in Devarsu. On the way back, up from village I saw two rafting boating in the far waters of Satluj down there. My heart bounced high to be there in that boat somehow but no, we had no time.

(Waters of Satluj)

(A wooden bridge at Satluj)

Lastly, we went down to the bank of Shatdru (Satluj) for ‘Jal Darshan’ (water view). This small trip was not less than a boon for me and asking for anything else would have been something too much that day.


Anonymous said...

Beautifull.... just nature and u .Nature not only feeds the eye but the soul too.I think Praney its a heaven for us...nature lovers.

Alka said...

I really and TRULY ENVY you while living in this concrete jungle. :-)

praney ! said...

Me too get envy of people living at such places Alka, I have dream of settling down at some hill top with a small cottage after my retirement from my business. Let's see what Prabhu have in bag for me. In the meantime you should keep trying for such small trips whenever possible.

You are right Anonymous, I think me & nature make beautiful pic together :)

Rajat said...

I love the dham .it's best part of any himachali marriage.

kannan udayarajan said...

Beautiful place...reminded me of the hills of Maharashtra, where we used to go trekking while in Pune..

This must be even more beautiful..lucky you..