Monday, September 17, 2012

Clouds of Colours



kirti said...

What a beauty ! Great pic ,it somehow makes me feel that clouds are getting very angry and are all set to give their piece of mind.Isn't it?

Praney , good to see you back to blogging . pl do post many more pics .

Anonymous said...

Simply Breathtaking!

BTW, How are you? Nice to see you here. I'm too :-)

;) P

Praney ! said...

@ Kirti: Thanks for nice perspective, though I thought of worn out farmers in this one

I also tried to paste bigger pic but it was not allowing.

@ Juneli: Thanks and nice to hear from you here. For me these days pasting a pic is lot easrier & time saving than to pen down thoughts to keep blog kicking. Nice that you have 'returned' and beware, I will check.

Praney ! said...

@ Kirti: If you like pics please visit:

It would be nice to hear your poetic perspective there :)