Wednesday, August 15, 2007

इस स्वतंत्रता का "स्व" कहॉ ?

Today is the day of joy and sorrow. Sorrow cause, we not only got independence from the British Raj but also lost a major part of our country in the partition.

Not only this, but once upon a time Bharatvarsh used to be a country with Ghandhar (now Kandhar), Dard & Kamboj (now part of Afghanistan), Bhu Utthan (now Bhutan), Trivishtap (now Tibet), Nepal, Brahamdesh (now Myanmar), Bengal (now Bangladesh), Sind and Punjab (now in Pakistan) and Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) as integral parts. But by the passage of time and due to tactics of various invaders, these areas and people kept parting from India at different periods. Not going very back in the past, still a large part of Kashmir is under Pakistan and another large area of Aksai Chin is held by China.

This is a day to ruminate, that do we have right to sing our national anthem which includes, Punjab, Sind, Bengal as parts of India? And is everything alright across our beloved country? We are celebrating this day under the thick sheet of terror and threats.

Though there are lot of reasons and fields to celebrate about this day but this handicapped and mutilated body of our Bharatmata is demanding us something. Something like if we could not keep our country integrated in the past, at least now we should take care. At least this time we should say India will be divided over my dead body and really mean it unlike 1947 when great leader used to say these words in crowded rallies but never meant those words.

Vande Mataram!
(A very old poem from an unknown poet)


Anonymous said...

Its sad but true....... You have given ur readers a subject to think.

Anonymous said...

There is only one reply....

"Swa" is lost in "Swa"rth.

Nice poem as usual

Praney said...

You right Nony/Juneli !

Alka said...

More and more people should read thins post.Currently it seems as if no one cares what happens to the country.

Praney said...

No Alka, i affraid you are little wrong here, there are countless people who DO care what is going on in our loving country and tries do their best for the betterment.

Atlest four such persons are here only :)