Monday, August 27, 2007

Enough Is Enough

Oh God, not again please, I can’t bear such news anymore.

After Sanju Baba now it’s Sallu Dada, news channel are crazy for. At a time when people at Hyderabad were wandering for the a piece of mutilated bodies of their relatives shattered in bomb blasts, all the channel (except NDTV) were busy showing Katrina visiting Salman Khan. And I know that this shameless show off of non attachment to larger issues in nation’s interest would go on air for many more days.

News channels like Star News, Aaj Tak, Zee News, India TV, IBN7 etc are full of crap and bullshit. All they need a cheap scoop and they would stick with it for hours till they get another. Then it could be Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan, Monica Bedi or a sting operation or even a domestic fight of a common person. These channels would never pray for a non scandalous nation cause then their shops would be closed.

On the other hand, Indian celebrities like Sanjay or Salman or Manu Sharma and many others think them above law and want special treatment. But many times I wonder that these people behave like and really act like to live abroad or opt for life outside India. How can they survive in other countries where law is above all or at least applied in full force? Do they ever realize this or they just simply behave outside India?


Anonymous said...

Ab kya kahen - wahi news dikhatein hai jisme janta ka jukhao ho. Publica demand. Ab aap News channolon pe bekar naraz hotein hain.

Manish said...

I agree with the larger part of your post, but am not sync with last para.

Since when did Manu Sharma became a celebrity, and when did Sanju Baba & Salman ask for special treatment. On the contrary they receive "special" treatment on the negative side as compared to what a normal person would have got.

And it is very unfair to compare the heinious crime of Manu Sharma with "crime" done by Salman & even Sanju.

Praney said...

Can't ignore Juneli, What to do :(

How can you define/grade crime Manish? A murder of infant can't lighten a murder of aged person.

I think dealing with terrorists and anti nationals is not a small crime. Yeah Manu Sharma can't be called a 'direct' celebrity but he is rich and famous. All these people have tendency of thinking themselves above the law and treat themselves as 'Special'.

I think when you are a celebrity the more of responsibility of "Behave' comes on you cause there are countless people to blindlessly copy you.

I have nothing in person against these persons but I hate when people treat law breaking as an adventure. And I hate our young genration following these aimless celebrities just like Gods.

Manish said...

I again disagree. A celebrity is as much a common as we are. God hasn't given him something extra to deal with complex human emotions. They have a profession, and they are earning their bread and butter through that. Its we who are forcing them to be celebrity. If someone is following you, then it is that individual's problem, not yours.

Killing someone for a want of drink is one thing and killing a black buck is another. The difference is plain.

And yes, punish them with for the terrorist connection - which he has already been. If more needs to be done, then do that too - but without bias.

BTW, Dawood's brother is free man now!