Monday, November 26, 2007

Give Me A Break !

Enough is enough ! I am very tired now. I need a break. Past couple of months it was (it still is) such hectic and exhausting period over business front that I think I desperately needs to sit down for a while and recollect my breath.

It was six months back when I had two days holidays in May at Renukaji, but these holidays were not the like I always wanted my holidays to be. The real one was now almost a year back in January when we trekked Jalorijot Pass.

I am missing mountains and the icy cooled rivers. I need to walk in the dense woods. I am missing the long tiring trek in steep hilly terrains and the joy of watching down at earth from a hill top. The exotic misty jungle scented air is still afresh deep inside my mind. I need to inhale that air again. Wandering around a sea shore sounds like superb idea too. The last time I walked bare footed on a lonely beach was damn long seventeen years back (Oh my God! Seventeen ? I never realised that till now). The list of places-must-visit is getting long and long and overdue. Long standing desire of buying a SLR camera has started pinching now.

But when ? Whew ! When? Question remains unanswered.

Just closing my eyes and imagining myself sitting at a stone up there on a hilltop cliff watching a hawk maneuvering on winds with it's wings open like inviting you for a hug. Don't wake me up!

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Anonymous said...

Yes darling u need a break! doint plan it..... just take off .By the way doint u jump from the cliff.... just fly