Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Tishay !

Sometimes Time just flies away. Like no one of us realise till today when & how Tishay grew to one year. Today on 28Th, he has completed his one year on this planet.

He is real naughty and intelligent. Whenever he is awake he keeps everyone busy and engaged in himself.

What else to say, my poem says all of it. My dearest Tishay, may you live long and live large.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tishay!.... may god bless you with all the happiness. Beautifully expressed Praney.

Prem Piyush said...

Dear Tishay,

Belated Happy Birthday Dear.....

I am so sorry to miss your birthday... but will not miss it next year.. tell your papa to keep ready a BIG cake.

See such a nice poem he have written on your birthday, you make him proud Ba..Ba..

Such a nice kid you look. I do pray God for your same smile forever...

Your snaps are really good. The last snap kids' name are good too as well as the cute looking faces.

Uncle's suggestion: Do full fledged badmassi :)

Manish said...

What a cute smile this boy has! Happy B'day Tishay!

Keep troubling everyone, especially papa so that he keeps writing such a nice poems!

Praney said...

Thanks everybody Nony, Piyush, Manish. Thanks for your wishes for loving Tishay.