Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pathey Kann !

Once an intellectual visited Akbar’s court and challenged all the ministers of Akbar to reveal his mother land. He was very intelligent, expert in all the cultures and was fluent in all the languages of India. Many of the ministers asked him various questions in different languages and dialects but he very conveniently answered all the queries in respective tones. His personality, appearance, way of dressing, speaking, color or postures could not help any of the Akbar’s minister to answer his question. But of course Birbal accepted the challenge and asked for a day’s time.

Next morning in the courthouse as the challenger was sitting annoyed and down faced, Birbal declared the native land of that person. Surprised and pleased by the correct answer, when Akbar asked Birbal how he could manage to get the answer, as usual Birbal told the court that in the early morning when the challenger was sleeping soundly in the guesthouse, he poured a bucket of chilled water on him. Challenger jumped in the shock and yelled in his mother tongue. It was so simple.

So whenever we are ‘ourselves’, we express in our mother tongue.

So now it happened and it happened without any prior planning. Since some time a feeling for expressing in our own Hindi was emerging inside. I have always of the view and felt that a person can be master of any language but when he expresses in his mother tongue he is most genuine, exact, able to express the real emotions of his heart. So that tiny movement in the waters of heart became a bigger wave and emerged as Pathey Kann’.

I am not very regular in here at Praney’s Nivedan and I don’t know how much I could be at “Pathey Kann”, but when it’s done, it’s done. Who cares ?


kannan udayarajan said...

I am not good with Hindi..still it feels to good to see people following passions close to their heart..

All the best..


praney ! said...

Nice to see you here Kannan and thanks for your wishes.