Friday, February 29, 2008


It was only “Mithya” for which I visited cinema hall after a long time. Generally, my instinct easily predicts me about a movie and usually it’s always right. So that way, I was sure of watching this movie and this time in cinema.

I have liked Ranvir and Vinay since the early days MTV in India and they both have done well in this movie too ( I wish Vinay had a longer role in this movie). Mithya is very beautiful, bounding, stunning, provoking movie. Did I miss the word hilarious? Yeah, it is a comic one but there are hidden surprises.

My advice for this movie? “Just don’t miss it and find out what is real and what is Mithya in a life !”

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Manish said...

Yaar, can't tell you how unlucky I am. Once I went to a near by Multiplex and was told the show is cancelelled, and at the other time I went to a far of Multiplex to find the movie housefull :-(

But as you said, I must and will watch it.