Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kung Fu Panda !

I was not at all in mood of this movie. I have never seen an animated movie in a cinema hall. But as on the almost bugging demand of his kids, Rajeev bought tickets for all of us and directed me to reach theater at six on the last Sunday evening. Till the end I tried to convince him to leave the kids in cinema and all the adults to scroll some other place somewhere but failed.

Anyhow, all the children were very excited and unable to find any rescue, I planned to have a little nap after the movie starts. Mostly entire hall was empty, I think there were only 50 - 60 people for this show.

First four - five minutes were going simply the same way as I assumed, but.........BUT.........but when the story started rolling on, my drowsiness was vanished, my eyes were wide open, ears concentrating fully on each sound and my funny bone working at its full capacity.

Kung Fu Panda, as a story is not a new tale but surly told in a new and amazing way and presentation is definitely superb. Po played by Jack Black is lazy waiter at his father's (who is a goose - a very interesting combination to be a father of a panda) noodle restaurant in the Valley of Peace and a crazy fan of Kung Fu martial art. He always keep dreaming of Kung Fu and to be a greatest Kung Fu warrior but his unique, typical and giant panda shape won't let him climb the very basic step of this fascinating martial art. The Kung Fu school/ palace in the celestial hill top run by tortoise master Oogway and Shifu, the red panda, was about to select it's mighty dragon warrior to fight Tai Lung, an evil leopard and former brilliant student of Shifu who escaped from prison and is a great threat to palace and people of Valley of Peace. While everyone is expecting the selection of Dragon Warrior from the famous Furious Five ( a tigress, a monkey, a crane, a viper and a mantis) excellently skilled students of Shifu, dying hard to be in the premises of closed walled arena of Kung Fu school, Po, the Panda, miraculously is selected Great Dragon Warrior. Shocking everyone especially the Furious Five and master Shifu, Po is no match even for weakest fighter in the Valley and he was expected to defeat mighty Tai Lung. What happened next is a hilarious account of tale with naughty touches of emotional spices.

The humor is classic, natural and enough forceful to burst someone in laugh. Animation of the movie is so gorgeous and soothing. The imagination is so rich and beautiful that some scenes can leave permanent mark on one's mind, like I got one of the starry night sky while tortoise master leaving for his last journey. The rich colors of Kung Fu palace, or the fantastic landscapes or even the sparkle in the eye of disappointed Shifu are un-washable impressions. Finally the dubbing, voices to these amazing characters are given by stars like, Jackie Chan, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, Lucy Liu and Jack Black. Fighting scenes are great, funny and enjoying.

Not only children but everyone presented in the movie hall loved this movie, I can tell this for sure as I heard everyone laughing whole heartedly while watching this tale. Great work indeed.


Prem Piyush said...

Where is my previous comment :(

Anyway.. I like the animation movies and cartoons veery much.. :) You might have seen the lion king movie. Thats too nice one..

Kung Fu Panda again must be a good movie.. wish to see it sometimes..:)

Juneli said...

I was reading your post :-). Sounds very interesting. I will watch this with kids :)

Alka said...

You were trying for a nap? Ha! Ha! Ha! Have you remember the expressions on each and every character's face? Its simply brilliant. Full marks to the animation artists!