Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bye 2008 !

As pages of city edition of my newspaper are filled with the advertisements for the parties on the eve of New Year celebrations, there are also news of people & institutions who are not celebrating this year cause of Mumbai terror attacks.

Attacks, invasions or terrorism are not new for India. Starting 325 BC by Alexander, hundreds of different invaders crossed the borders of India till now. If to talk of Independent India, within 60 days of Independence we were attacked by Pakistan in October 1947. We have fought four wars since then and fighting indirect war of terrorism for more than two decades. But something is different this time. What's is that?

Indians are up against terrorism this time. Unlike their usual behaviour, they are refusing to forget and forgive. Large amount of Indians are still carrying utter taste of attack even after a month. We like it or not but a war like situation is there in the air. For the first time in history, Pakistan is appealing for peace. Amid the various crisis, India seems to be standing with head held high. There are many signs (which we could not see just like Bruce Nolan in Bruce Almighty) pointing towards the rise of Indians and of India.

Celebrations or no celebrations but all I pray for is, no Indian should ever let this wound of attack heel. Cause if we did, we will have to face & bear much more new wounds. Whatever we do, we should never let interests of India off from our view. Every pride or fall of our nation should be our personal pride or fall. This torch of nationalism should never die down and we all will see the predictions of Maharishi Arvind and calculations of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam come true.

I wish the start of India's era by the end of that year and end of our plight by the start of this year. I wish an endless start of wonderful time for all of us and above all for our loving India.


Anonymous said...

"Vande Mataram"

Umesh Dunakhe

Juneli said...

I want wish "May peace prevail in the World.'

Happy New Year 2009

Prem Piyush said...

I wish to join my hands with you on this new year wishes for a better world around. Somewhere these politician's play end - I wish it.

Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year.