Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Ghazal For A Ghazal !

Lo ji ! Another attempt is made. After Juneli posted Ghazals day after day, how can I stay behind, after all she is my poetry guru and I am following her foot steps :)
This purple flower attracted me at a petrol pump while refuelling my car and I captured this little one in my cell cam.


Anonymous said...

"A Ghazal For A Ghazal !"
"A Poem For A Poem!"
"A Sher For A Sher!"
And what else?

Adat is very bad thing. It makes slave a man. That's why said, "Adat buri bala."

But this of yours Adat is nice one. "A Ghazal For A Ghazal !" Nice :D Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Wah kya leeka hai...jannab
Praney do u know Purple is the colour of love......beautifull

Manish said...

Kabh kabhi Gazhal kisi khubsoorat ladki ko bhi kehtey hain :-)

Juneli said...


so you are saying me Guru and Guru ka hi tambu ukhadne mein lage ho :P Or being jelious with me ;) (joking)

Hey don't call me Guru. I'm not yaar. Whatever you are writing are your own creativity and creations. I never tought you anything about poety or ghazal writtings. Your own talent and skill which come out. You are master and I'm learning from you.

So purple is your fav colour :P.

Ghazal ki bare mein kya kahun. You have written this ghalaz for a ghazal (Rupsi's name changed!!!! or ?????) :D

You say it's your first ghazal but you are master in everything.

The Ghazal is good one. A bold one. I mean "Bagawat" kinda :).

Keep writing :).

Praney said...

Nony1, I am sure you meant, 'Man a slave':) , and ya I agree this aadat is my fav one.

Sukriya Nony, and now I know about purple :)

Well Manish that's why this ghazal is for a 'ghazal' :)

Juneli, there is no questions trying to unroot your 'tambus' :)

Fine what you wrote here, but it's very true that I learn the rules of poetry from your writings.

That's really best words of encourgment to say that you learn from me. Typically saying, Nawazish ka Sukriya'

Changing the name ? What to say ? You can smell everything.

Pls do tell me, how you felt that ghazal sound like a 'bhaghwat' kind !