Thursday, September 6, 2007

Morning Raga

I was simply astonished. For me heaven is here at places like that only. Watching Morning Raga’ in between much tensed one day cricket match between Indian & England yesterday gave me opportunity to inhale the glorious colors of Andhra Pradesh villages.

Though story was interesting either but I could not watch the entire movie and otherwise also I don’t wanna talk about the story here right now but the views that movie has holding within.

In a word it was breath-holding. The perfect mixture of vibrant colors, waters, sky, Saries, red chilies, coconut trees, old styled Indian village houses using exotic colors for decoration, lush green plantation and the rhythm of Karnataka Sangeet took my heart away. Till now I never realized that Andhara have such beautiful locations. Despite some net search about the exact location of the place all I could find was a name of some Kulla estates but nothing more. But it does not matter as I already have decided to be there once at least with my SLR this way or that, today or tomorrow.

Wanna ride ?


Anonymous said...

Few Weeks back Sabana Azmi came as a guest in ID3 and a scene showed from in in which she was doing reeyaz.

I loved that very much and more than that I heard she did it herself?

Is it true?

Yet to warch the film.

Anonymous said...

Nature has its own beauty..
Just the perfect way to relax yourself.Will see it soon.

Prem Piyush said...

Though I have also not seen the complete movie, but I liked the theme and earthy tough of characters.

The respect for Indian art and culture shown was out of track cinema, which I loved.

Praney said...

Even I havn't seen the complete movie so far Nony.

We have the same taste and feelings for Indian Art I think Prem.