Sunday, February 3, 2008

Help Me Prabhu !

Hurdles, hurdles and more hurdles. Nothing seems to be working in my favour past many months. Every this and that, which I had expected to be gone through smoothly for me, have been flown into ashes in front of my eyes. Problems and failures are like chasing and then embracing me with full force.

If I have to glance through positive lenses, there are few achievements too but I know there were some certain, sure shot & essential successes which blasted off on my face hurting me inside badly. Everybody seems to be on opposite side. And this is not at all an illusion. I have seen with my own eyes and heard with my own ears. Number of unforeseen and unexpected barriers has mushroomed in my way forcing me to change the route. But all the routs seem to be closed for me as off now. I have already faced a lot and I have no idea how much more is still waiting.

But here I wanna pat my back also. I have faced all the problems while standing tall and not kneeling down. I know I am alone standing against all the odds and there are couples of eyes watching me with their faiths and hopes to see me merging out as a winner. There are few who have prayed for me. I know I am not going to loose their faith. I will not let problems take me over. I still have so much of courage left to face these and much more if any. I won’t lie down, I won’t break and I won’t give up. All these problems are going to make me more strong and more powerful. That is for sure.

Just help me Shri Prabhu!


Prem Piyush said...

Acceptance of failure honestly and the attitude to WIN after all the odds is your very much positive aspect.

Anonymous said...

As you have faced and come over from all the failures and odd situations, this time also you will. Don't let your spirit to die. Let the desires and the willing of achieving keep burning. You will come out of all the hurdle very soon as they don't remain on our path forever.

Wahe guru will lead you the path you deserve.

God bless you dear.

Praney said...

Yeah Piyush, Nony, atleast I try.

Juneli said...

I want to mention the songs which I recalled reading your post and want to say to you

"Ye mere dil ye nadan, tu ghum se na ghabrana, ek din to samajhlegi duniya tera afsana............."


"Ruk jaana nahin to kahin haar ke,kaanto pe chal ke milenge saye bahar ke
o raahi, o raahi...................."

Your Prabhu will help you.

Praney said...

Please ask "Your" Prabhu to help me too ( In case he/she is different one as it sounds from your comment Juneli :)

Juneli said...

Of course I do. And you are in my prays :).

My Prabhu is not than different than yours but..... but I say to see your reaction :P