Monday, February 4, 2008

Ram Sethu

Really adorable song !


Juneli said...

I enjoyed it watching it. Loved it.

Really Awesome the picture and the song both. I wished if I can save it and show it to the kids.... but not to worry I thinks it's from Ramayan VCD for kids. I will make them to watch that. There are many others Krishna and Hanuman too that kids will love to watch :)


Praney said...

Yeah Juneli it is. And it is from Ramayana Legend of Prince Ram. I love that movie very much.

Though Krishna & Hanuman are good too but I find this one much much better all the way including animation, effects, sounds and dialogs. Voices (In Hindi Verison) given by Arun Govil for Ram and Amrish Puri for Ravan make great difference. Not to forget Shatrugan for commentary and Kavita Krishanmurti for playback.

Juneli said...

From your descriptions it proves that how passionately you have watched it :).

Thanks for the infos :).