Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Though I am late but finally i saw the much awaited 'Guru' this Sunday.

Abhishek being my all time favorite has again done great job in the movie. Though I don't find the story very extra ordinary, the direction of Mani Ratnam and extra ordinary performance by Abhishek did the magic. So did the music and lyrics of Guru. Tere Bina or Jaage Hain are the numbers worth playing on and on. Even while writing these lines Ay Hairathe is running on my laptop.

Splendid acting by all the cast, direction of worthy director, melodious music and excellent cinematography has made 'Guru' a spellbound masterpiece.

Well done Gurukant Desai, very well done.

My rating for the movie......................A Must Watch


Manish said...

Haven'ty watched it till now, and I am not sure whether I would. I don't like Abhishek Bachhan (anymore), but even with predujices apart, I don't like preachful hamming :-)

Praney said...

Hi Manish, welcome back.

I think when the industry is flooded with all Khan's, he one among rare hopes.

And if u think he is hammy , I would say you really should give him a chance and watch his performance here.

peggy said...

You are right its a well directed movie.But I feel Ash performance was better then Abhishek.She had expressed her self beautifull as a young girl to being the wife of Guru........ then strength behinde him.For Abh it was a easy confindent role.... but not for her dear.I loved the movie bec of her performance.The director did the right thing to choose her for guru wife.Well done.

Praney said...

Point taken Peggy.

And I accept my fault for not taking a serious note on Ash's performance.