Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Negotiations - Part Two

(Continued from previous post 'Negotiations' !)

Rohan from M/s So & So office called again.

This time in very friendly tone. "Hi Praney, how are you?"

"Fine Rohan ji, Thanks and you?"

"Me too, so what up ? Whats the price these days?" He asked.

''Prices are same boss", I was getting ready for the same tug of war unwillingly.

"I can't pay you the same price I told you before too" he said and I thought for a straight 'NO' to him without adding 'Sorry Boss, Pls boss, etc". I have enough with this guy I thought.

"But you gotta help me here Praney" he was saying, " why you push me to Delhi, please send 20 units, cheque is ready, make any discount you feel comfortable".

"OK Rohan, I will drop Rs.50 per unit", I said. He was paying in advance and I never wanted to loose this deal and this party.

"Thanks Praney, I would be needing more, my guy would call you." He sounded satisfied.

"Anytime boss, always here at your service". I surly was satisfied earning a new party.
I was smiling as soon as I disconnect the call , at last something was decided. (who knows, may be he was smiling too on the other side)


Manish said...

No negotiations at all. Super fast deal. Congrats!

Praney said...

You seems to be in hurry Manish, thats why you forgot the first part. No super fast deal at all , it took almost two months to bag this one. :)