Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Never Ending Drama !

A new bomb explosion, a new train, new deadbodies, new pictures. This time in Samjhauta Express.

Same old statements by centre, same old statements by oppositions, same old stories by media, same condemnation by world leaders, same old type of compensations to victims, same articles in the papers and magazines, same old debate over television, same old live telecast by all the six or seven 24 hours honking news channels, same old protests by anti terrorists organisations, same old clues to be found by investigation agencies, same old commitments of not bowing against terrorism, same old bakwaas of communal harmony, same old appreciation of helping hands, same old scenes at hospitals, same old rona dhona, same old style of terrorists, same old style of Indian government.

I am so fed of these incidents that I don't even wanna write much about this.

PS. I really wonder that what in the world the terrorists should do to Indian people (Have they not done everything?) that may wake the self respect (if they have) of our government?

2nd PS. New official song of the week "Samjauta Bombs se Kar Lo, Samjhauta bomb waalon se kar lo."

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