Friday, February 23, 2007

Weird Dreams

As Sudipta tagged Alka for the weird dreams and she tagged Manish, who on his turn tagged me, so here I am to perform my part of duty.

Though I don’t see much of dreams and if I do, I mostly can’t keep them saved in my memory even for the same day. So after reading Manish’s weird dreams I was wondering what to write. I tried to track past some of the dreams of mine but could not find much of them worth mentioning here. (As some of them are too weird to narrate here and are part of my private embarrassment).

But luckily today early morning I saw a strange dream which gave me word to publish this post.

1> Scene one: I got a call from one of the big bosses (He hardly calls me usually) of the company I deal in (I am into business of lighting products and not connected with media or journalism at all), asking me to get interviews of some giant Indian business tycoons. I also saw a faded face of Rattan Tata.
Scene two: I was playing some games with friends in the ground when the boss came to me in a white Maruti 800 (he would never step in any car less than Honda Civic in reality) with a Microphone and a box related to recording system for these interviews. (He only believes in taking and never in giving)
Scene three: I came out bathing from a place where so many other people were also taking shower and realize that I have lost that recording system and was worried how to get interview recorded. Then the other part of my brain suggested that I can use my I pod or should buy a new mobile which could record the long conversation. Before I could fetch my I pod or get any interview, the alarm rang to wake me for my daily workout.

2> This one I saw years back (96) and don’t know how I kept it remember so long. This one is not a very dramatic or very long dream but I still can feel the scare and thumping of my heartbeat in that dream. Years long relationship was forced to shatter and I was in the state of shock when I saw that dream (may be that’s why I saw that dream). I can’t call the dream weird but it was scary very scary.

Dream went like this, Me and she was traveling in a bus in very jovial mood. Bus was fully packed and all the passengers were talking so loudly. She too had to shout in my ear because of the talking noises of passengers and engine of the bus. I was smiling at her extreme effort to convey her words. And suddenly entire people including her vanished in the air like magic. I stood shocked in the bus all alone. Not a single person was visible and bus was running itself without any driver. I felt bloodless and frightened to death that where she has gone leaving me alone. My heart was bouncing so loud and fast and I was thinking of my remaining life in the same state forever. I woke up with shaken soul but was not lucky like other people who saw their dear ones in danger in dreams and on waking up feel relieved watching them sleeping safely next to them. I knew she had gone forever in reality also. I drank some water and went to sleep again with heavy heart only to see the same dream all over again, now in a train. Whew!

I don’t remember any other dream and would apologies to Sudipta for breaking his chain as I don’t have another five names to further tag on.


Alka said...

When I was reading your last dream, I realize how painful the break ups are. And no matter how one rationalizes it, it still hurts like hell.
By the way, I don't know why people are doubting my first dream. I dreamed about it for full two and half hours and wrote it in few minutes. If I have broken it into sequence, then probably it might sound like a dream. :-)

Praney said...

Ok fine Alka, I do believe you, but then I hope you must have deeply involved in Indian politics and being touched by daily events cos a common Indian who makes faces on the name of politics can’t see such elaborated dream. And to add here I must tell you that I am of the very strong view that every educated person SHOULD involve in politics instead of mere tea discussion over poor state (as propagated by media) of Indian politics.

And thanks for stopping over.

Manish said...

The first one was funny, and second was a sad aftermath!

Praney said...

Ya Manish, it is !