Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I hope you kidding !

Thanks Ram for this beautiful pic !


Anonymous said...

Hi dear.....dream with ur eyes open
I think it meant this praney.
I belive ur Rupse has a warm loveing heart.... ur love is so pure .

Alka said...

What a poem. But its end has taken me by complete surprise.:-)

Praney said...

You really think so Nony ? But now do you mean that Rupsee has warm loving heart for ME ?

Welcome and Thanks ALka, long time no see? What kinda surprise? you didn't mention?

Anonymous said...

Finally it worked :)

Rupasee toh bahut jyada gul khila rahi hai I mean you are writing so many poems.

Aap ki Rupasee ko manana padega. She must be real sweetheart.

Keep writing :)


Praney said...

Yeah Juneli, She really is a sweetheart!