Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Tishay Raag !

These days Tishay concentrating on daily 'Riyaz' of classical raags. Whenever possible he would start alaap in 'pancham saver'. Today he was caught in action while performing in the arms of his daddi. Enjoy free of cost before he start demanding money for his performances. होनहार बिरवान के ................. !

(Put speakers on and pause the "Enjoy what I play for you" for better results :)


Anonymous said...

Tishay, What is the raag that you are singing..

Main to Raag ke mamalem nira anapadh hoon :)

So sweet of you :D. Keep doing riyaaz.

:) Juneli

Manish said...

Well done Tishay ... Really Honhar Birban ke cheekney pat :-)

Praney said...

Raag ke naam to mujhe bhi nahin patta Juneli, only Tishay can tell.

Thanks Manish, let's see if he continue or no.