Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Apologies !

Whew !

I never meant that ! I never realised this would divert like that. I am being 'misunderstood'. But even if I am taken wrongly by my all dearest friends, I accept that it is solely my mistake. I could not choose right words for my expressions.

As I wrote in Yeh Jeevan, I feel, feeling low is an obvious human nature. Sometimes all of us want to be alone and in Do-not-disturb mode. And we all surrounded by negative thoughts. The poem came exclusively out of those feelings. The other thoughts I wrote only next morning describing the reason why I wrote this poem. But again I accept that may be , no no, not may be but surely I was driven away unknowingly into so negative tell tale. I think the Doordarshan story sparked all my dear friends, especially Nony. I don't really know who wrote what as everybody has written anonymously, but I have got the message from you guys.

I mentioned occasionally that I am not a quitter or I can fight very well or 'Na Danyam Na Palayanam' is my mantra. So there can not even a slightest thought of running away. But as above said, I could not express myself well so it was my fault. After all I am not very good at words and have no idea which of my word would make what effect on the people who care for me.

But one good thing which came out of this post is, I have now clear idea how much love my friends here have for me. Thank you all my dear friends for your sweet scoldings and I assure you this will not happen again from my side.


Anonymous said...

Praney ur Apologise accepted .Remember always dear that "I LOVE YOU "

Praney said...

No way Nony, I never will forget that. Thansks for being there.

Anonymous said...

Beautifull number... Must say you have GREAT taste in music. Tere ishq mein.....tere ishq mein

Manish said...

Take care buddy. These lows do happen very regularly in my life too.

I liked your signature.

Praney said...

I will Manish, I know and thanks for liking signature :)