Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter Inc.

What is more important ? Writing a good book or hiring good marketers for a book ?

I think the second one is the concept followed and adopted solely these days. I am surprised, the way all the media is over flooding with the pictures, articles and photos from Harry Potter book, are like a bash we are being forced to join.

The newspaper I buy (not read) gave space to Harry's hangama above paper's own name apart from inner pages past some days. Today at the front page, there was news article with heading "2,50,000 copies are out, go grab yours".

Not only print media but electronic media is bathing in same muddy pond. Seems like these people are more worried for the sale of the book than Ms. Rowling herself. May be she has promised these guys some share of the profit she would make?

Rumours, news, gossips, pictures of young buyers sitting on the road in wait of opening the book stores etc all are clearly sales management skills to make bucks out of it. Standing aside from this 'harry mania', I feel like watching a WWF bout at a jam packed stadium where everyone can see that these fights are merely 'Nura Kushti', a well staged drama. But still people buying this. Why, any idea?


Manish said...

JK Rowling is angry that New York times has published an unfavourable review about the book.

Believe me, I may be the only literate on this earth who has not read any Harry Potter book.

Praney said...

You are wrong Manish, you are not only one, meet me here, no book no movie of Potter either :)

Juneli said...

No comments on Harry's Sale ;)

I have picked up and looked this book :P

I'm third person that I never interested to read this book but saw the few scene of the 1st film but not the whole film yet.

I found people who even read 4 times the book. She is friend of my nephew :) What a craze.

Prem Piyush said...

Oh ! Harry Puttar..

Buddies...Me too fall in same line... never touched a Harry book.. what a coincidence !! ... :D

Praney said...

Seems like, now here is a Anti Harry Potter club :)