Friday, July 27, 2007

Reliance Capital (Punishment)

Monday morning, start of the business hours, you driving to your office through rush hours busy road and lost in thoughts of the things-to-do-today, hmmmm.................. to meet tax adviser, to pay installment of home loan, mail to him, him, her and him, documents to submit in bank, to plan tomorrow’s tour with company guy visiting from other city, problems of sales staff, to make calls to so and so etc.

All sudden your phone rings and when you reply (at the risk of being challaned for using cell while drive) a female, trying-to-make-sweet voice speaks, "Mr. Praney? Good morning sir, I am Mona from Reliance Capital and .................................." and here the real story goes like:

One day in May:

“Hello! Is it Mr. Praney?”
“I am Sandhya from Reliance Capital, are you using any credit card?”
“See Sandhya, I don’t need any card, thanks a lot.” I disconnect.

Another day in May:

“Hello Sir! Praney ji bol rahen hain?
“Sir, this is Ria from Reliance Credit Card………………….
“Hey I don’t need any card, thanks a lot.”
“Why not sir?” She would still try.
“I have all the cards I require, so please, I am busy right now. Ok thanks”
“Should I call you in the evening sir?”
“I told you na, I don’t require, please don’t disturb again.” I hang up.

Another another day in May:

“Hello. Is it Mr. Praney?”
“Sir, I am Suman from Reliance ……………..”
“Hey how many times I need to tell you that I don’t want any bloody card. Why don’t you people understand?”
“But Sir……………………”
“No, you listen, please delete my name from the list you people calling me, I don’t want any card that’s it.” I would hang without waiting for her.

After some peaceful days, finally one day in June:

“Hello, Praney sir?”
“Yes Praney here”
“Sir, I am Ritu from Reliance Capital…………………..”
“Hey mere Ram. Are you guys kidding me or something?”
“Why sir?
“For hundred of times I have told your Reliance guys, that I am not interested in your card. Why don’t you people listen to me? What is your problem?”
“I am sorry sir, I was not aware at all. I will just delete your name”
“I would be highly obliged, please do.” I disconnect again.

June Again:

“Hi sir, remember Suman from Reliance? I spoke to you for credit card?’
“Hello sir? Are you there?”
“Yes. I was thinking what to say to you”
“Sir please card banwa lijeye”
“Listen Miss………”
“Sir Suman…….”
“Yeah Suman, listen, I already have HSBC, HDFC and one ICICI card with me. So I don’t need another, please try to understand.”
“Sir, as you already have so many with you, what’s wrong in one another?”
“No, I am trying to close down all these too, I won’t buy a new one”
“But this is free sir”
“Buy means, I won’t go for it.”
“Sir, you should keep at least one, no one moves without a credit card these days”
“See, I don’t care for others and if I had to keep one with me, I will keep one of existing. Now please excuse me, I need to leave, Bye.” I hang up with a sigh.

But even then I kept receiving such calls from Reliance (apart from other companies) in June and July, some times Seema, another Reena, kabhi Gurpreet and kabhi Rita and I kept denying with my extreme patience. Every time I try to be rude and abusive but this was against my nature and so I kept paying for it.

That day while waiting for some one sitting in my car, I again answered a call.

“Hello sir, this is Suman from Reliance, I spoke to you that…………”
“Sorry madam, I don’t want, thanks and bye.” As I was about to disconnect, she spoke hastily:
“Aarre hold on sir, what are you doing? I am not even finished yet and you are disconnecting? A girl is talking to you and you don’t even listen?” She was literally scolding me and I was amused and a smile played at my face at her reaction. Then I controlled and said:
“How many times I have told you yaar, I don’t need any card.” I felt like I was pleading to her.
“But why not sir?”
“But why should I?”
“See, our card is a good offer, you will be getting so much benefits and moreover a beautiful girl is asking you. If you accept a card I can achieve my target.”
"What?” Damn she has started flirting I thought. “I don’t need these benefits and why I am concerned with your targets.”
“Aare, you don’t care for a requesting girl, you have such a sweet name and you doing this to me? Please get one for me.” She is terrible I thought.
“No thanks, please delete my name, bye.” I hanged.

That morning, around 10.15 driving to office and little worried for some business problems and at a traffic light phone rings:

“Sir, I am from Reliance……………………..”
“Damn, what soil you people are made off? Don’t you have ears? Can’t you listen? Or your bloody call centers are meant to harass people? Who gave you my number?”
“What happened sir?”
“For more than thousand times I have denied your stupid card. How many times I have requested your colleagues to delete my name. Do you want people to start abusing you? Would you be happy then?” I was exploding.
“I am sorry sir, I am deleting your name”.
And I hanged.

Believe me, I was not normal yet and just after 5 minutes:

“Hello sir, Suman here from Reliance, remember me?
“You people are just shameless and daring, I have to admit.”
“Why sir?”
“Don’t be over smart, you friend sitting next to you just spoke to me. Don’t you know that? Or you guys enjoy your day this way? ”
“Sir I am talking you so affectionately and you ………………”
“Hey tell me, are you flirting with me? If yes, don’t even try. Just leave me alone? Don’t ever call me again I am telling you very seriously.” I was badly furious and banged the phone.

May be that was the only way to get rid of these blood sucking creatures. Two days went peacefully.

Untill this morning:

“Hello sir, I am Shruti from Reliance …………………………………….”


Prem Piyush said...

Really I do feel bad for these telecallers, as I got habituated to such calls, on average 2-3 daily from company a,b,c.... for loans, cards, insurance, plans....

As govt. notices are coming up about telecalling marketing.., hope this nuisance will go off soon...

Manish said...

Oho .. ! "Beautiful", "Affectionately", "Requesting" ! By God! Real desperation!

Same old story. Once there was a girl who was offering me "free loan for two months".

When I asked her what is that, she couldn't explain.

When I said I don't need it, she said "but sir why?". I thought aloud to myself, is it so difficult to understand!

Praney said...

Yeah Prem, Manish, they are really blood sucking and sometimes makes you speechless.

Once a friend tried to get rid of her asking to call next week as he is driving and she shot back, "Sir, you would be driving all the time this week?"

Anonymous said...

Why you became so furious yaar. Beautiful girls are calling you..... You also just flirt with them..... :P ;) (Joking)

I could understand how it could be irritating. Thank god we don't have Reliance Capital (Punishment)here so I'm in relax mood :P

Bungi said...

In Chennai, this nuisance exists, but when you say you are not interested they say 'sorry' and hang up. No persisting sales talk. I think that is because of some regulation that has come in... What i find annoying is calls from my mobile phone service provider... And some smart asses using sms to market stuff... Grrrr...

Anonymous said...

Hang on a bit of flirting and ask her what is that she is getting for having this card? offer her 1000 rs extra and call her for one day..both happy..or they will stop calling.. there are other ways too. harrass them instead of you gettign harrased..tell them if she is able to satisfy on phone then only you are point in loosing your temper made them loose their temper