Monday, September 24, 2007

Jehadi Malik !

This is for the Shoaib Malik, Captain Pakistan cricket team who cause of his Jehadi mentality begged for the apologies from the entire Muslims of world at loosing Twenty 20 world cup to India. I don’t know who gave him this right.

But I wanna strongly restrict him here that he may fell to his knees or paint his face black while sitting on a donkey in front of all the Muslims for apology but he should not dare involving Indian Muslims in his I-wanna-say-sorry-to list. Indian Muslims do not need his sorry. They are on the celebrating side. Pakistan should understand that very well till now.

I wished our Irfan Pathan should have said these words there on behalf of all Indian people.

Anyway, Chak De India!


Manish said...

There was no point for Irfan to drag himself into this, but you really can't expect much from these Madarsa brought up Pakistani zealots!

Instead of saying Pakistanis, he blurted out Muslims! Now who is going to tell him that it doesn't matter even an ion to the Muslims of Somalia, Libiya or Brunei - whether he loses or gets kicked!

In fact, there is cent percent possibility that they might not have even heard of the game itself!

Praney said...

You are very right Manish, but they think they lead entire Muslims of world.

Just wait and watch for the day with almost all the players of Pakistan with long uncut beards at the field and uttering such nonsense on the field.