Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Listen Dear !


Prem said...

Though trying in your hands in poetry later - you really do good in it.

I like the 'tukant' mastery of yours. At the same time one suggestion is , sometimes I do see in your poems - trying for tukant - the natural flow misses a bit. Let the natural undisciplined poems come out.

May Pyare come up all the odds and his path become smooth.

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm this is completely different of poem from which you have been writing.

Manuhar bhee hai aur dukh bhi
Pyar bhi hai aur glani bhi ..... bahut kuch hai bahut kuch


Praney said...

Thanks for your suggestions Prem, wish you could give some examples from this poem also.

And Pyare do need your wishes, thanks again.

Praney said...

You can see every bit Juneli, What to say :(