Saturday, January 20, 2007

Challenge for Viewers !

Sidhu looked dynamic when he joined politics years back and I was amused to see him speak fluent hip hop Hindi jeweled with fancy proverbs. Since then he keep stepping on the stairs of fame. And then The great Indian laughter challenge.

Past some time laughter is really a challenge in this show. Sidhu's burst of laugh at super third class stinking jokes makes him nothing else than a clown. As if this was not enough the 'Tardka' double mean punches gives real cheapy impression.

The compulsory comments on the host Parizad by so called judges and all the participants and her proud smile( I don't know how professional smile that is) surprise a lot. Ladies please help me here understanding if such comments could be taken as a compliment by them.

The concept of 'Bar Bala' by Naveen was funny & fine for a while. But thanks to him for juicing out the laughter of it by repeating again and again. All the participants tries to butter Sidhu and Shekhar to a shameful height.

Partap Fauzdar is a funny performer but he too has started flowing with the current. One day at Aastha channel I saw him on the stage with some prominent Hindi Haasya Kavi(s) at a sammelan. Before starting his poems Fauzdar beg for the pardon for his useless jokes at The great Indian laughter challenge show. And at that stage he showed real Haasya poet in him.

The only other genuine hilarious performer is Raju Shrivastva. His laughter accounts are funny, aptly and full of life. In fact he deserved that crown of champion and keys of Chevy Aveo car.

But don't worry folks, its not over yet. Now you will have to bear two clowns with water in their mouth for Parizad and black spots on their white shirts. (Sidhu for unintentional murder and Shakti for sting operation).

Sorry guys I cant bear you any more. I would prefer the 9 pm movie at HBO or Star or Zee Studio. To my view, The comedy show Ha Ha Ha, Sara Bhai Vs Sara bhai are still fine. Office Office was great but it's enough now, they should start for a new idea. I don't know who paid to produce Johnny Aala Re which strategically erased Johnny Lever's name from the Indian comedian list.
The best was Wah Wah at Sab Tv but lost most of the shine when Ashok Chakradhar left the show. I would wait for such shows to be aired on the idiot box again.


Manish said...

Yes, Raju is the only saving grace. In fact, he is a genuine talent!

I was a regular to Wah Wah until they change its time and format. I think when Sony took over SAB TV, they altered its DNA.

Praney said...

You right Manish, It's such a pain to watch prog like Wah Wah bending down under the pressure of other standing comedy serials. It’s funny that they felt need to install a show piece like Tanaz (I think that’s her name) who could barely speak or understand the language of the performers in the show.

Manish said...

Yes, she was a big shock. Before her, there was Shruti Ulfat, but s he probably backed out.