Thursday, January 11, 2007

Shabash ISRO !

Another reason of celebration. Another giant leap in space technology. On 10th of January, after successfully launching PSLV C7 carrying four satellites in 635 km high orbit, India became the elite fourth nation to perform such super tech launches.

For the first time the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is carrying out a new experiment in which a 550 kg capsule (SRE-I) will return to the Earth after 15 days and can be reused.

After the failure of GSLV in July last year, it is indeed a double jubilation.

India has faced many obstacles to achieve such heights. But these obstacles always gave inspiration to India to create its own way. I remember in early 90's when Uncle Sam (USA) refused to give super computer to India, our scientists developed their own super computer named 'Param' which was 3 to 4 times better and faster than to America's. Not only that later our boys created Param I, II, and III also. (We have stopped counting now).

Likewise, almost same time Russia in American pressure refused to sell Cryogenic engines to India for ISRO. Amid the Indians worries, in an interview at Doordarshan the host asked then ISRO chief that why don't you produce such engine yourself? I still remember the shine of confidence on the face of ISRO chief who replied, "A corner restaurant is selling tasty and cheap dosa. What is the need for us of doing so much of effort and time waste to prepare at home?? But if the restaurant guys raising conditions or selling too costly, we are always free to cook our own. Who can stop us?" Bravo ISRO , no one can stop you!

Here are two lines from Jagjit's ghazal for ISRO and all of its team.

Hum to dariya hain, hamain apna hunar maloom hai,
jis taraf bhi chal padainge, rasta ho jayega !!

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Manish said...

Yes, it is no mean achievment but since I have seen the internals, being a student of similar field, I must say - these things are not really "indigeneous".