Tuesday, January 30, 2007

'Unanswered Questions'

Many times in the roughs of life one could think, it is such a stupid act to be emotional. It is not fair to be sensitive these days. Cause being sentimental is to be driven off by others or like playing in the hands of others.

Why do some people keep thinking of the words used for them by the persons around? Why do they feel happy or vice versa merely by the words uttered by some knows? There are majority of people around who seem to be so thick skinned that nothing could shake them. Or do they just pretend to be insensitive? I have seen many people around who don’t care if a financier shouts outside their houses or took away their vehicles for not paying installments and when they are badly insulted in a brawl by their neighbors. They keep smiling always and act like as if nothing has happened.

Who is more happily living person, sensitive or insensitive, thin skinned or thick skinned, caring or careless, soft or stone hearted?

Another important question, can a caring person push himself to be careless?


A reader said...

Sensitive is living, insensitive is dead.

peggy said...

Every human being has all the charterstic u said.
How they make it positive for themselves depends on them, the person u find very caring might not be for someone else. The person who does not have any expectation from others is a happy man. This way they doint let other behavior effect them.

We think we care?
Why not ask the person what he is getting from us.

Praney said...

May be you are right Peggy, but if we do not have expectations , we are gonna be Lord Budha and not humans. Is it so easy?