Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Laage Raho Kinoo !

He is as sweet as a kinoo, by heart and physique.

He is eldest among all the kids at home. Many times he have to behave like a matured cos of his younger. He is very sincere and polite. He is shy most of his time.

As he is growing up, he is getting more and more gadget savvy. Every morning he got a new model number of either mobile set or i pod or digicam or bike or car for his Chachu (that's me) to buy. He also explains different qualities or technicalities of these machines very convincingly.

He is getting fond of music. (I think he would look great if he starts playing Tabla). He wants all the (good or bad) numbers stored in his desktop. (Though the younger wont let him take his seat in front of his computer most of the time.)

He wanted a Hero GTB bike for his 13th birthday. But his increasing carelessness for decreasing percentage caused a tearful break to his dream ride. So he had to satisfy himself for 'simple' Woodland's pair. But he needs to be careful for his studies and fitness. (And he has promised to perform better now and I trust him).

He is the most loving kid for me but I feel sad when I see him getting bulky. Hey Kinoo, "Lovely people need exercise too!”

His name is Shreshth, we call him kinoo and wish for him to be Sarvshresth in every field.

Happy Birthday Kinoo, we all love you so much!

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