Monday, April 30, 2007

Just Another Feelings !


Anonymous said...

Oh doint be sad...... Praney
a break gives u time to understand ur feelings better.Reading it made me sad.... and can guess what u must be feeling u dear

Manish said...

Feeling the pinch of distance in the poem, but wonderfully crafted. But like you said, tomorrow you will meet again :-)

Praney said...

Lots of hugs for you Nony.

Oh look here Manish is back, where were you been buddy??

Anonymous said...

The Picture perfectly goes with the mood of the poem.


Hope till now,

Udasi ka badal chhant gaya, kyon ki Raat bhi dal gai aur subah bhe ho gai hai.


Anonymous said...

Oh I forgot to use my red-pen as usula :P

Pal-jhin is wrong. Isn't it should be pal-chhin :)

If I'm not wrong it's a typos.

And you are tagges :D.

The picture is in your page is AWESOME.

Praney said...

No Juneli, mood spoiled again as even today it feel like Sunday :(

Thanks for liking pic, and ya I was confused about chinn and jhinn, but cant undo now :( as my system acting weird somedays.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to know that you mood is still spoiled :(.

I think you have confused due to the word kshan. kshan is as same as chhin. There is another word kshin too but the meaning of this would be weak. I understood now your confusion.

jhin - I don't there is a word jhin or not but jheena is there :).