Friday, December 22, 2006

Raavi ! Yaavet Jeevet Sukham Jeevet !

Winters never gonna be same again for me and my family, especially 28th November. I should have posted this as my first feelings but better late than never.

His name is Raavi,. Yeah Raavi is one of the five rivers of 'Punjab'.

He is very cute, small and creates waves in our hearts when stares at us. He joined us on the morning of 28th. He is Sagittarius. Though all the friends and relatives were wishing for a baby girl in our family but I am happy whatever God has kept for me.

He is very important and precious to all of us. We pray for his good health and success through out his life. May he be a good son of our family and of Bharat Mata as well.

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Manish said...

Oh he is so cute! My good wishes for Raavi. I can understand why your heart flutters at his smile :-)