Sunday, December 31, 2006

Nice to say Hi !

Hi’, rang the sweet melodious chimes. I was polishing my Royal Enfield sitting by its side on the road outside my house as usual. It was sunny bright winter noon and polishing my 350cc black bike was my favorite job everyday I return from college. I was so deeply involved in the polishing that I didn’t notice her standing beside me until she said hi to me. I was surprised and never had imagined that she would walk all across from her house on the other side of road to greet me without caring of so many people (including her dad and relatives) staring at her and then at us. ‘She is damn daring’ I thought and here mine heart was pounding so loudly that I could hear it.

I knew her very well, she was sister of my not so (girl) friend. But we never had shared any words till then. She handed me a greeting card, I hold it while watching the people on the road from the corner of my eye. I thanked her wondering what else to say. She kept standing for a moment and then walked away giving a cute smile. I don’t know what the color of my face was that moment but I realized only after few seconds that I was standing on the road with a card in one hand and rubbing cloth in the other just like fools. (Don’t surprise, I am talking of year 90, when such scenes were not at all common in India.)

Later in my room I read the card, “Sometimes it’s nice to say ‘Hi’, to someone very special”.

I was so pumped up for the entire remaining day and many other days to come. This was my first greeting card in my life from any girl and she was such a beauty. Moreover, the venue made the day very special too. How would you feel if someone like her tells you that you are very special for her? Butterflies in stomach, head over heels, walking the sky, whatever you call it, I spent another seven good years of my life in this intoxication.


Manish said...

And what happened after those seven years ? :-)

BTW, it must be nice feeling :-)

Praney said...

Hey buddy , do you wanna read the last chapter just after prologue?

Aage aage dekhiye, hota hai kya.

By the way, what do u think, why I liked the poem Karwan Gujar Gaya??

Manish said...

Oh, you have broken my heart with the mention of Karwan Gujar Gaya :-)

Anonymous said...


I don't ask what happen after those golden seven years..... as it's insignificant in front of yours golden seven years..... And I know that those were the best years and you lived your life fully....

And never have any complain at least you have something to cherish as a golden life.... if you look around might you find there are many people are not even blessed by such treasures.... "


:) Juneli