Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Why do they have to do that !

Can anyone imagine Sun without sunshine, Desert without sand, Big river boosting of its greatness but without being grateful to water? The proud of biggest, tallest and greatest structures without caring of the mother earth who is holding all of them firmly? Can anyone think of Sachin Tendulkar if cricket was not there? Is there any importance of President Bush without USA? Can a financial budget be significant without money? ‘No’ is the straight answer.

But ‘Yes”, in Hindi film Industry, yes it is possible. The directors, producers, actors and actresses of Hindi movies can be great personalities without respecting Hindi.

I don’t recall a moment since years back, when I have seen any Hindi film actor or actress or any person connected with this profession ever telling about his or her film in Hindi. It is so shocking and stunning that these people, who earn their bread, fame, endless money, awards (and political seats also), do not prefer to speak a word of Hindi in public appearance or TV interviews.

Have you seen the various star nites, where all the big and small, old and new, seniors and juniors, males and females from all the departments of film industry gather and show off their artificial attitude, fake style and blind copying of the west? If you leave the Hindi songs apart, how many words can you count of Hindi language used in such stupid show offs?

Just look at all the interviews, stage performances, award nights, public function or even at film shooting sets I think, they try to show lack ness of Hindi words. The style of moving hands and fingers, bouncing shoulders up and down, even greeting other celebrities by touching cheek with cheek you can see a long lasting act of shameful copying of western world.

Why do they have to do that? Are they not satisfied with the love and respect given to them by strong population of more than one billion Indians? If yes, why don’t they make English films or work in English movies only? Do they think any English movie could get them any closer to what they get for Hindi movies??

I am not saying that they should not talk in English but all I expect is, a Hindi program on Hindi movie by a Hindi star for Hindi speaking viewers (Non Hindi speaking person won’t watch a Hindi movie, I think) in respected Hindi.

Another very funny fact is about all entertaining programs on TV based on Hindi movies, most of the hosts make fun of Hindi movies as if there is nothing as bad as Indian film industry, but we all can imagine that these hosts would do any thing on this earth to get a tiny little role in any such movies.

In my view this is sheer shameful, disloyal, back stabbing, thali main ched example by most of our so called stars. This reminds me of a funny poem I read in a paper years back on ‘Hindi Day’. I still remember the whole of it and sadly this poem is as significant as it was then, years back. This is about a political leader speaking in a public function on Hindi Day.

Ladies and Gentlemen
India Hamari Country hai,
Aur hum hain is ke citizen,
Aur Hindi hamari national language hai !

Is leyee Hindi bolna hamari duty hai,
Par bechari Hindi ki to,
Kismat he futti hai,

Hamari young generation,
Whenever mouth kholti hai,
Only and only, English he bolti hai,

Tab hamara sar shame se jhuk jata hai
Aur heart deep vedna se bhar jata hai,
Yeh sab very very wrong hai,
In reality, desh droh hai, dhong hai !

Hum sab ko, Hindi ko apnana hai,
Tatha isee world wide fialana hai,

Tabhi mere aur Bharat Mata ke dreams honge such,
Thank you very much !!

(There was no mention of the poet’s name)


Manish said...

Nice poem, and familar thoughts. When these people speak Hindi, they act as if they do not know the language. It apperas to be a foreign language to them.

Praney said...

And the list includes the hindi singers too.

Anonymous said...

Its too good man... keep it up..