Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Karwan Gujar Gaya !

Around 8 years back, one of my friend (pretty elder than me) while narrating his good old college time tales told me about this poem, his voice went trembling and I could see the moisture in his eyes. They were four or five class mates who used to sing many poems and songs including the one above by Gopal Das Neeraj in their college canteen.

He sung the complete poem for me and i was listening sitting still. I don't know what moved me, his emotions, this poem's wordings or both. The same time I requested him to slow down so I could write down such a classic rhyme of sentiments. Since then this is one of my favorite.


Atulya said...

Indeed a great poem, every one goes through such rough time in his/her life. But gems like 'Neeraj' creats such masterpieces when then are in low spirits. Thanks for posting.

Manish said...

What to say buddy, it has been my favourite too.