Thursday, March 1, 2007

Jab Dard Nahin Tha Seene Main

One of the greatest song of legendary Kishore Kumar and one of my favourite. Rajesh Khanna too did his best in this song. In 'Anurodh' his dear friend (Vinod Mehra) who used to write songs for Rajesh (a singer in the movie) was fighting with death at hospital and Rajesh had to perform for money to save his life. Irony is how you feel when you are in deepest grief and people applause on your performance. Great Job there by everyone.


Manish said...

Great song, great movie. Even the other songs were so good. Thanks buddy.

Anonymous said...

na hansana mere gham pe insaaf karana
jo main ro padun to mujhe maaf karana

This song also makes me cry :(

And rest of the songs - App ke anurodh mein..... , Mre dil ne tadpke ........, Aate Jate Khubsoorat....., Tum besahara ho to... are also good and film itself one of my fav film :)

I had bought the audio a good combo with Anurag