Saturday, March 3, 2007

Apni Jholi Nahin Tatoli !

That’s what happening in our lives. We keep running and ruining our lives for the things we think are worlds greatest possessions and could not recognize the true valuables gifted to us by God.

Just like Dharitrashtra (and like today's political leaders who don’t wanna quit even at 80’s & 90’s of their age) we keep embracing Maya without considering right and wrong. I remember an example given by Great Swami Chinmayananda in one of his lecture on Ved. He said, “While working in office a desire of coffee arouse inside a person very commonly. But as he is too busy to fetch a cup, he ignores the first call. Again after sometime mind will ask “coffee” and again the person would ignore the will and continue his work. But after some more time the mind will start shouting, “Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee”. The person surrendering to his will would dial pantry for coffee. The Mind will remain restless and will not cool down until a cup of coffee reach the table. Person after taking a sip and realizing that it’s too hot to drink, will again indulge in his work. Now the satisfied Mind will not bother him to warn, ‘Ke coffee padi hai bhaiya, pe loo’ (Otherwise also the drinking of coffee will not make any kind of effect on the mind but only on body). Later after several minutes that person will suddenly realize of coffee lying at his table and will start drinking only to find it too cold to drink but thinking of unnecessary wastage he/she would drink it in a gulp.

So who enjoyed this cup of coffee, the Mind, who didn’t let the person work or the body, who didn’t even asked for it and then had to digest a cold bad tasted liquid? In other words the Body has to suffer for unworthy call of Mind. This is lust, lust of ? Nothing! How true!

Through out all the years of life, it does not matter how wise, ruminative or shrewd one is, at the evening of his life he realizes that he has earned nothing. He kept collecting and respecting the garbage of this world and do not possess even a single gem of the real treasures. But it’s too late to undo. We ourselves ruin our lives and look around to blame someone else.

I found this beautiful poem while turning pages of a magazine, written by Balveer Singh ‘Karun’, narrating the same universal bitter truth. I think this poem inspires us to sit down a while and think over the great valuables we already have with us and replenish our worthy life once again.

Shambuk = Snail

Paathey = Food for journey

Bhavitavyon = Destined

Niravaran = Without cover, nudity

Sursari = Ganga