Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Wish List ! # 1

In the light of:

“The only way to rid the country of corruption is to hang a few of you from the lamppost” said two judges bench of Supreme Court of India while hearing fodder scam on 6th March.

It is indeed a ventilation of anguish and frustration by the honorable justices and also reflects the state of mind of 'Aam Adami' of India in their ink.

I always feel uncomfortable with such incidents and tries to find out some 'Ram Baan' remedy for such cancer like troubles. Many thoughts keep floating my mind now and then, consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes I day dream of heading this country and taking extreme steps to change the face of our India. Sometimes I wish for some supernatural powers to eliminate evil elements of this country or sometimes I want to look out for a time machine and travel back in history to undo & edit wrong decisions of our rulers and politicians. I have countless wishes for betterment of my country, society, culture, religion and myself. Here is one........


I want to have a chance to head a government department. I know asking for Prime Ministership is too bad idea. I wonder how people could write those essays of "If I was the Prime Minister", and if they really meant those words. The task of PM is most difficult and thankless. So I would like to start from a small department or ministry. I have many ideas for the development of various areas and I think they would be damn effective.

For an example, No one wanna take a glance on government run schools, they are in worst conditions. The buildings or infrastructure are in bad shape. The status and level of education is very low. No chance of sports or other activities is there. Even drinking water is not safe in those premises. A family with capacity would never admit their kids in those schools but only poor and helpless parents. So what is the solution?

Now if I had to head Education department and I had to uplift all the government schools in competition to so called prestigious public and convent schools, I would simply present a bill, forcing a mandatory law for all the government employees including a peon to IAS officer or MLA's or MP's to educate their kids only in government schools. In no case, education from other than 'sarkari' schools will be allowed. Dramatically, this bill will not enforce the law with immediate effect but will give at least a years time to come into existence. I am sure the faces of schools will be magically change in such period. All the persons attached to these schools will knew that their kids are gonna get education there so would deliver their best.

I am damn confident that in a record time all the sarkari schools would take numero uno position and sifarishs will change desks for these schools. Getting admission in these schools would be considered as a status symbol and long queues will be formed outside these institutions for admissions, in addition, principles and teachers would be given their due respect. Apart from performance, equality will be maintained and the turning of education into business by private players would be leashed. Sounds so simple, no? This formula can be applied in any department.

But the fact is that these 'Afsars' will get me out of my seat before that law comes in force.

to be continue.................


kannan udayarajan said...

Somebody is planning big..:)

I guess the world would be a much better place, if we all just became good citizens...:)

Praney said...

Welcome Kannan and thanks for dropping in. I am adding ur page here.

yeah planning is big but there is big 'IF' added there.

Juneli said...

Very thought provoking.

Many times I thought in the same way. Your idea/suggestion about sarkari school is the perfect one. If you don't take it otherwise I would like to ask - are you a product of a sarkari school? First you have to be an example.... for that You have to admit your child in sarkari school the only we can say to do so to others or make it as a rule. We see and read many idealelist matters which are said only for getting "taali" and "waah-waahi"

Not only that I have other suggestions - that Sarkari schools' quality of education is not as standard as convent and other English schools. I read in a sarkari school and we had only one period of English class of 45 mts in a day that's too started from class 4! And most pitiest part - our teachers used to explain us in Nepali. But when we joined college we had faced a fluent English teacher with a British accent. Now you can imagine what was our situation then.

My point to mention it here is even in sarkari school if we were thought English in English class no matter only for 45 mts in a day would have been a very strong background for us. Anyway, that's the different matter at least I can write and read in English no matter there are several mistakes :P

Why do we talk about English, there are many people who can't write Hindi or Nepali correctly. I really disappoint to see applications in Nepali with mistakes. Nobody cares about spellings such as - "i" kaar and 'U' kar matra and even s, sh etc. That's really awful. In English if we forget to put "dot" for 'i" and cut for 't" then it would be treated a big mistake then why don't we apply this same rule for our own languages too?

Don't accept any application or form if there is mistakes. And All the application should be submitted in national languages. This should be made in our rule then only we value our languages otherwise one day will come we forget how to write in our own languages.

There are so many other things... if I mentioned, then it will turn a comment-post :P.

Again a longer comment :D

kannan udayarajan said...

Thanks a lot..its a privilege..:)

Praney said...

First of all Juneli, I have never studied in Sarkari school but never either in convent or any much hyped public school but just ‘Theek Thaak’ schools. (You should read my post ‘Missing you My Room’). I would admit here that I really had hearty desire at that age (not now) to be studied at some ‘Big’ or convent school but never could do so cause of this or that problem. Even now, my son is not a student of any sarkari or convent or big named school but of a moderately performing and disciplined one. I am of the view that a school does not become of high standard merely adding Convent or Public before its name.

Secondly, I will not prefer my kids to be educated in any sarkari school right now, but…………… I am sure you must have read that I have wrote that the law will come in force ONLY after a year and by that time the faces of schools would change magically (because the bureaucracy knowing that their kids have to go to these schools next year, will work wonder for the upliftment of standards), later I have written that the law will bind ALL the government employees (from a peon to an MP) to educate their kids only in government schools. Thus being a Minister I automatically will come under that law and would have to admit my kids in these schools. So you see I have not spared anybody.

Then, I see you have drifted to another issue of English language (but you see I have not commented a single word on language in my post). But to tell you, I am very much of your view. You have written that people can’t write Hindi or any other language (Nepali in your case) properly. You know I think its not a big problem in compare to that that people don’t feel ashamed of not knowing their own language properly. These people would sometimes knowingly make mistake in Hindi cause it’s a fashion telling everyone “aare sorry, my Hindi is so poor”. I hate such people who cant respect their own tongue, may it be Hindi, Tamil, Bhojpuri or Nepali. (pls read ‘Why do they have to Do this’ in my blog)
Jis ko nahin nij gaurav, nij desh ka abhiman hai,
Nar nahin, nar- pashu nira hai, aur mritak saman hai.

And you are right Juneli ,there are endless other issues and that’s why ‘My Wishlist’ is carrying # one, many yet to come.

And thanks for long comments, such comments always inspire.

Juneli said...

The reason for mentioning English standard of govt. school and Hindi speaking of convent school is, you have raised about the issue of sarkari school and as you know language and standard of education are also enter-related. So that I mentioned it here :D.

Very nice doha.

I will read the post you mentioned and of course rest too.

Anoop said...

Hey..I think I dropped into ur blog at the right time...good , thought provoking post!!
I liked the idea about the bill...the interesting thing is when we look in to Govt. colleges, there are lots which are prestigious institutions...and govt. spends on them also....wish they did for the schools too!!!
Currently going thru the previous posts :)

Praney said...

Welcome Anoop and thanks for dropping in. Hope to hear from you again.

Manish said...

Brilliant idea Praney . Compulsary sarkari education. But still a long way to go !

Shikha said...

only a few days back, my husband n i were talking about this..what we would do if we became pm..finally we decided that we need time to think:)