Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hi There !

Hi, I am Tishay Vats ! My name is a Sanskrit word which means auspicious or good fortune (Shubh, Mangalkari). Though some of my family members call me Raavi (one of the five rivers of greater Punjab) and some call me Laddoo, I have heard them talking that Tishay is going to be my good name (Damn I wonder no one ever asked me what I would like to be called).

Anyway, today is my fourth Happy Birthday. These days I am celebrating my birthdays every month till I turn of one year (Sounds good na).

You know I am very busy. I have to do lot of work which includes to sleep for long 10 to 12 hours in a day, then to drink lot and lot of milk (Nanhi se jaan aur itne saare kaam, wish I could sue them). There are some kids in the house who make fun of me with tasty looking eatables in their hands. I wanna eat those things but no one listens to me. They will ask me to sleep when I wanna watch TV and will force me to drink milk when I want to play. Goddamn communication problem. Its not that I can't speak, I do speak a lot but these weird people around me are so dumb to understand me and will simply keep grinning when I utter some word. You know my favourite word is "Agoo".

I love to make others change their clothes but a lady (I love her most) will not let me have that fun either and would wrap me in Huggies (I hate that). Secondly I love to dribble, its so fun that even you should give a try.

I can make different voices and these days I can shift my posture also. Its really amazing to watch their face impression when they found me lying at different place each time. I hate when all of them keep kissing me without my permission (What the hell they think I am).

Anyway you people have no work to do but reading this story but I need to finish my noon shift of sleep. And yeah all of you are invited at my birthday party (and don't forget to bring gift for me). The entry to party will be granted ONLY to those who love to dribble. :P'

Till then, 'che u' !


Anonymous said...

Hi Tishey, I'm Juneli.:). Aap humse dosti karoge.

Happy Birthday to you. :)

Aap abhi apna 4th (monthly) birthday mana rahe aur itni sari shikayat hai.... Don't do this that dear....

Enjoy your life as much as you can. The fun and play you can do right now will not do later on.... So have lots of fun.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that your name is very nice as well as unique.

I would love to join your birthday buy seems you don't want otherwise you would keep that option :P.

TC Dear.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post Praney :).


Anonymous said...

Sooooooooo sweet ....bless u.
Happy birthday Tishay
Can feel the naughtiness in you..
Like father like son

Praney said...

Juneli : Hi, sure I will, and thanks for every word you wrote for me.

So you mean you wont dribble??? :(

Anony: Thanks there, you mean you know my father??

Manish said...

Oh what a innocent face expression. Looking like a little angel!

'Agoo' Tishey. Come to Pune, you have an friend waiting. Two of you will be a riot!

ankurindia said...

nice pic

tishay nayak said...

Hey buddy m tishay too... Well mate one thing is for sure u shall be asked the meaning of ur name throughout your life.. God bless... Have a good life