Sunday, March 4, 2007

Happy Holi

This finest Brij Kavit of Kavi Padmakar, where he narrates the playing of Holi (also known as Fag) of Gopies with Shri Krishna, surprisingly the main character here is not Prabhu but Gori (Radha), who took the hand of Krishna and take him in for Holi. Krishna who used to tease gopies is now being teased and his pitamber is being pulled by Gori. His is covered with abeer all over and his cheeks are red with gulal. Filled with at most love and affection he is seen off with urge of coming back again for next holi.

Wishing all there a happy and healthy Holi !


Manish said...

A very Happy Holi to you and your family, Praney!

Praney said...

Thanks and same to you.