Sunday, March 4, 2007

Missing You My Room

I got my separate room when I was in 5th standard and that luxury remained till I got married in 99.

Being a younger son of a bank officer, we had to pack our belongings almost every three years (some times even after one year) and head for an unknown city, unknown house, unknown school and unknown friends. Six different schools till tenth standard, what to say? Though initially it sounded fun but as I started growing up I started loosing the so called charm. Now I envy those guys who complete their entire school education in a single institution. Among many other reasons I think bachpan ki dosti remains forever. Anyway not to get away from my today's feelings, last evening while talking to Peggy, I bumped in the old memories of the royal days of my own room.

Obviously six different schools means six different cities and six different private rooms. All those different rooms are still loving, important and memorable to me in different ways and have different kinda memories warped in them. In a room I started writing my first diary (that's another thing that I never could maintain this hobby), In one room I got my first table lamp and I remember my vow of study hard under that table lamp (but I never could be very serious in my studies :) through out my life) I remember in the same room one day dad taught me how to write numbers in a row, I remember I hanged my dad's bullworker in my room though I was never able to press it. There was an air rifle on the other wall which I got from dad on my 10th birthday. I must have blown off thousands of bottles with that gun. In another room of Amritsar I started collecting stamps. This room was very beautiful at first floor with a view of main entrance. A teacher was arranged for my tuition and instead of learning mathematics from him I learnt to drive moped at his Luna. I must have read thousands of comics in that room as dad had arranged rented comics for me on monthly paying basis there. I remember decorating the walls of this rooms with the sketches of Chacha Choudhary, Saboo, Micky Mouse and Pluto drawn by me. And also tearing off some of them in a fight with elder brother. There are countess big and small memories tagged with these rooms.

But I actually realised the value of my room in my last days of high school and by the time I entered college I was almost in love with my room. 10' X 12' in size my room in Shimla had my whole world in it. With a big windows frame on one wall where one could view half of the city, other walls were covered with different posters and pictures of the persons I was inspired of. Arnold Schwarzenegger in standing pose of Commando and another of Predator, Bruce Willi's Die Hard poster, Black and white poster of Titan Fast track gal with curly hairstyle (I shamelessly begged that poster pasted in a shop of Titan dealer at The Mall,) a b/w poster of Madhubala (the only actress on my wall), a BMW Z1 two seater, BMW E32 convertible, a red Ferrari, two BMW motorcycles, a Harley, Dunlop tyre ad poster of knight rider bike, a MRF ad of a bike, Colour pencil sketches of Chattarpatti Shiva ji and Maharana Pratap drawn by me, another my drawing of a boy with an umbrella in rain with wordings "Rainy days doesn't matter as long as you are with me", a collage of family photographs, a kathakali mask I bought from Rameshwaram, a coffee coloured study table with straight back chair, on the wall facing that chair was diamond shaped dangles of Swami Vivekanand, Swami Ramkrishana Paramhans and Ma Sharda, a picture cutting of Indian Army commandos in action taken out of an edition of India Today, a wrapper of Cadbury's chocolate being edited "You are my sweet Fruit & Nuts" by her, books shelves filled with my all the books I could manage to save since my childhood, from 'Russi Lok Kathyen' to Fundamentals of Advance Accounting . A pair of dumbbells in a corner near my bhoomi aasan, a moderately large aquarium filled with pairs of Goldfish, Catfish, Silver Shark, Guppy, Angelfish, Barb and a all time sleeping snail. I think I had wasted too much money maintaining that aquarium. My room also had a cord nunchakus, a sword and a wooden stick for practising silambam. Apart from all above I can't forget my expensive Vega helmet, my Walkman, VHS collection of my favorite action movies, hundreds of my audio cassettes, my posters and sketches which I could not paste on the wall because there was no space left for them, jeans and shoes I loved so much, my lost watches and digital diary all affiliated with my room.

What were those days! I was very particular for my room and its cleanliness, I never had to buy that famous poster saying "cleanliness is next to impossible'. Every thing was at its perfect position. I even used to clean the posters on the walls and not even a single unwanted object was there in my room. But those are good old days. And now none of above thing exists in my today's room. Did I say 'My room'? Do I have my room any more? NO !

I miss you my room, really miss you so much!


Manish said...

Oh vow! What a fantatsic post about your room! Your room sure was some eclectic collection. it appeared you were talking about many a rooms, with many different people residing in it. Not doubt you are missing it :-)

Praney said...

Thanks Manish, and yes I am missing it pretty badly :(

Peggy said...

Your post made me go back to my school days, though I loved to share my room, my things, my life with my sister. God created such beautiful minds, I needed to know them better

Enjoyed reading your post.

Praney said...

Ty Peggy, this post is here cause of you only :)